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Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.5
Last Modified: 2018-04-17


Product Information:

Product Family: Infortrend – EonStor DS
Status: Veeam Ready - Repository 
Classification Description: Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.


Product Details:

Model number: DS 1016R2
Number of Drives: 16
Drive type: 6TB NL-SAS
Firmware version: 6.61F.10
Connection protocol and speed: 8Gb FC
Additional support: All models and configurations of Infortrend EonStor DS-Series with specifications equivalent or greater than the above 
General product family overview: EonStor DS is a high availability SAN storage solution designed for enterprises. It’s hardware design features multiple form factors, flexible host boards to choose from, and stable, reliable modular design with high expandability; as for software, it comes with complete data services and easy-to-use management interfaces. It is ideal for all SAN environments and enterprise applications (such as backup). The whole product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

Vendor Veeam testing configuration:

Veeam Build Number:
Veeam Settings:

  • Repository Type: Windows
  • Deduplication: Yes
  • Compression: Optimal
  • Storage Optimization: Local target
  • Per-VM Backup Files: No
  • Decompress before storing: No
  • Align backup file blocks: No

More Information

Company Information:

Company name: Infortrend
Company overview: Infortrend Technology is a leading provider of high performance networked storage solutions focusing on quality, choice and value, and is one of the few fully integrated technology companies to be completely dedicated to storage systems as well as related software and services.

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