Nothing to backup warning is received for Veeam Agent backup on some Dell PERC controllers

Veeam Backup & Replication;Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
VBR 9.5 U3, VAW 2.1
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When running a Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows backups job in “Managed by VBR” mode, volume-level backup jobs finish with a “nothing to backup” warning. The job log will contain the following:

[Timestamp] <01> Warning  Volume [Apps (D:)] is located on disk [Disk 2] which is in invalid state.
[Timestamp] <01> Info     [CEndPointRegistryOptionsWatcher] Stop watcher
[Timestamp] <01> Error    Job has been stopped with failures. Name: [DELL SERVER], JobId: [1903716f-b0fc-47b5-ac8a-f622bb43375c]
[Timestamp] <01> Error    Nothing to backup (System.Exception)
The PC itself is working fine. Locally installed Veeam Agent also succeeds.


Some storage controllers (e.g. DELL PERC) return an invalid state for the drives:
[Timestamp]      Info     <1720>         Disk 2, capacity: 546.4GB, bus type: SCSI, read-only state: undefined, pack state: 1
By default, there should be either read-write or read only states.
An undefined state is not considered as healthy, therefore there are no guarantees that the data on the disk is consistent.
Veeam Agent in unmanaged mode adds such volumes to the backup disregarding the state values. However, in managed mode VAW skips such drives to make sure that only read-write disks are added to the backup scope.


Please contact Veeam Technical support in order to get a private fix.

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