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Veeam Backup & Replication
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Product Information:

Company name: Adistec
Product Family: Data Protection Appliance Series
Status: Veeam Ready - Repository
Classification Description: Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.


Product Details:

Model number: DPA M (M24)
Storage Category: Integrated Data Protection Appliance
Drive quantity, size, type: 4, 8TB, SAS HDD | (32TB total)
Storage configuration: RAID5 configured HDDs (12Gbps SAS) with read/write cache
Firmware version: V2
Connection protocol and speed: 10GbE ISCSI
Additional support: All models and configurations of DPA M with specifications equivalent or greater than the above: M, L & XL

General product family overview:

Adistec Data Protection Appliances for VEEAM combine: customized Intel hardware platform, Veeam Availability Suite software, and Adistec Enterprise Cloud services resulting in a robust solution to protect your customer’s data supported by Adistec Total Support and Veeam. Simplify the Backup Storage’s infrastructure, eliminate complexity and maximize data availability and protection with this turnkey solution at an affordable price. Three models available in one and two RUs, with single Quad-Core or dual Octa-Core processors configuration. Starting with four 3.5” disks up to twelve, getting 16TB to 120TB of usable capacity.


Veeam testing configuration:

Note: The following settings were used by the vendor to meet Veeam Ready testing requirements and should not be considered best practices. Additional changes or settings may be needed to meet the storage efficiency or performance needs for each environment. For each setting, reference links are provided for further clarification.

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

Deduplication: Enabled (Default)
Compression: Optimal (Default)
Storage Optimization: Local Target (Default)

Repository Settings:

Repository Type: Windows
Align backup file blocks: Disabled (Default)
Decompress before storing: Disabled (Default)
Per-VM Backup Files: Enabled

Vendor recommended configuration:

Hardware Settings:

  • HDD – 1GB read cache on RAID controller, write back policy using backup battery
  • Jumbo Frames used during testing (9000 MTU)
  • Multipathing using Windows Server NIC teaming

More Information

This storage system has a feature which allows older data to be offloaded to object storage. Object storage gateway appliances that are used to store backup data in filer (CIFS/NFS) or block device mode (iSCSI/FC/SAS) are not supported if the backup data is offloaded to object storage and is no longer stored directly on the appliance. If there is a need to offload restore points to a remote site, the only supported way is to use Capacity Tier or Backup to Tape jobs. Please find additional details here.

Please be aware that we’re making changes which will restrict access to product updates for users without an active contract.


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