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Product Information:

Company name: FAST LTA, AG
Product Family: Silent Brick System
Status: Veeam Ready – Archive
Classification Description: Verified disk archive storage that can be used as a Backup Copy target. Synthetic full backups, granular restores, and vPower features may not provide sufficient performance or be supported.


Product Details:

Model number: Silent Brick
Storage Category: Hybrid Storage
Drive quantity, size, type: 12 - SATA HDDs via SAS Bus
Storage configuration: SecureNAS - Triple Parity
Firmware version: 2.11
Connection protocol and speed: 10GbE
Additional support: All models and configurations of Silent Brick System with specifications equivalent or greater than the above.

General product family overview: Simplify your backup with Silent Bricks. On-premise storage appliances with integrated data protection for all NAS and VTL requirements. Media replication and rotation. Online, offline and off-site, with support for air gap environments. All in one system. The Silent Brick System is based on modular and transportable storage units called 'Silent Bricks' where each Silent Brick consists of 12 Disks. Depending on the Silent Brick Type these disks may be HDD (Silent Brick ) or SSD ( Silent Brick FLASH ).
The assignment is done on a per Brick Basis where each Brick can act as a Backup to Disk Storage, a virtual Tape Library or an Archival Storage. The redundancy when set up as Backup to Disk Storage is configurable with 2 or 3 Parities per Silent Brick. A SecureNAS Volume can then be spanned over 1 to many Silent Bricks. Extending a SecureNAS Volume is possible on the fly by assigning additional Bricks. The parities will still be on a per Silent Brick Basis. For optimal performance the Silent Brick System offers dual 10GB Ethernet connection.


Veeam testing configuration:

Note: The following settings were used by the vendor to meet Veeam Ready testing requirements and should not be considered best practices. Additional changes or settings may be needed to meet the storage efficiency or performance needs for each environment. For each setting, reference links are provided for further clarification.

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

Repository Settings:


Vendor recommended configuration:

Hardware Settings:

  • Jumbo frames used in testing environment
  • SMB storage protocol used during testing. Vendor also supports NFS, and ISCSI or Fibre Channel for virtual tape library support.
  • Dedicated SMB user for storage share, used default settings for share configuration
  • 3 parities used in SNAS configuration

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