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Veeam Backup & Replication
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Product Information:

Company name: SUSE
Product Family: Enterprise Storage
Status: Veeam Ready - Repository
Classification Description: Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.

*This Veeam Ready test was performed with storage having a configuration that includes SSD/Flash. As such, this classification only applies to similar configurations in which the same amount or more SSD drives are used. The use of non-SSD drives may negatively impact performance.


Product Details:

Model number: Enterprise Storage 6
Storage Category: Software Defined Storage
Drive quantity, size, type: 144 - 7.2k SATA w/RocksDB+WAL offloaded to 24 x 480GB SSDs (6:1 ratio)
Storage configuration: Erasure coded, 3+2
Firmware version: 6
Connection protocol and speed: RBD 40GbE
Additional support: All models and configurations of Enterprise Storage 6 with specifications equivalent or greater than the above

General product family overview:

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software-defined storage solution powered by Ceph designed to help enterprises manage the ever-growing data sets.


Veeam testing configuration:

Note: The following settings were used by the vendor to meet Veeam Ready testing requirements and should not be considered best practices. Additional changes or settings may be needed to meet the storage efficiency or performance needs for each environment. For each setting, reference links are provided for further clarification.

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

Deduplication: Enabled (Default)
Compression: Optimal (Default)
Storage Optimization: Local Target (Default)

Repository Settings:

Repository Type: Linux
Align backup file blocks: Disabled (Default)
Decompress before storing: Disabled (Default)
Per-VM Backup Files: Enabled

Vendor recommended configuration:

Hardware Settings:

  • Test configuration - Physical Windows 2016 node with Veeam server. ESXi node with test Vms and Veeam proxy (Win 19). Physical SUSE Linux server as a repository
  • LACP for 2x links on storage nodes. Veeam Proxy and Linux target use switchless. NIC teaming/mode 6 load balancing (alb)

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