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Veeam Recovery Media for Linux OS, Workarounds

KB ID: 4137
Product: Veeam Agent for Linux 5.0
Published: 2021-04-12
Last Modified: 2021-04-13

1. How to create a bootable USB for the Veeam Recovery Media using the ‘dd’ utility.


The USB stick with Veeam Recovery Media that you created using third-party tools does not boot.


Burn the ISO on the mounted flash drive with 'dd':

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/veeam-recovery-amd64-5.0.0.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress oflag=sync

2. Some hardware does not work with the Veeam Recovery Media


  • Hardware does not work properly in the Recovery Media environment. 
  • You have already tried patching the ISO using Veeam Agent for Linux built-in capabilities.


  1. Get Linux Live CD of your choice which is compatible with the hardware that you have.
  2. Install Veeam Agent for Linux inside this Live CD. 
    Mind that the veeamsnap kernel module is not required for restores, so you can break the veeamsnap dependency to avoid installing kernel-headers.
  3. Enable recovery UI:
    1. Go to /etc/veeam/veeam.ini file.
    2. Add the following data to the file:

      enableOnLiveSystem = 1

  4. Restart veeamservice and start recovery UI using veeamconfig recoveryui. 
KB ID: 4137
Product: Veeam Agent for Linux 5.0
Published: 2021-04-12
Last Modified: 2021-04-13

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