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Veeam: #1 Availability
for NetApp Data Fabric

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Accelerate innovation with Veeam and NetApp

Henri Richard, Executive Vice President of NetApp, discusses why NetApp + Veeam are Better Together

NetApp Data Fabric and the Veeam® Availability Platform™ combine to deliver the simplicity, performance and agility needed to meet the explosive demand for data in today’s mobile, Always-On™ world. 

With Veeam and NetApp All Flash-FAS, FlexPod, NetApp HCI, NetApp E-Series and StorageGRID, customers simplify IT, enhance performance, increase business agility, reduce risk and lower costs. 

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Working together to guarantee Availability for Any app, Any data, Any cloud

Veeam + NetApp accelerate Digital Transformation through Intelligent Data Management
  • All-Flash FAS
  • NetApp HCI
  • NetApp FlexPod
  • NetApp E-Series
  • StorageGRID

#1 Availability for NetApp All-Flash FAS

NetApp All-Flash FAS (AFF) delivers accelerated performance, simplified data management and IT operational efficiency. Veeam’s integration with NetApp ONTAP storage systems, like AFF, helps automate backup and recovery operations to ensure the Availability of critical applications and data for increased IT simplicity, lower costs and reduced business risk.


Reduced risk and increased ROI

Veeam’s direct integration with NetApp ONTAP simplifies IT and reduces risk through orchestrated backup and DR while enhancing business agility and ROI through Intelligent Data Management.

Veeam and NetApp provide the following business benefits:

  • Simplified IT operational management. Veeam’s direct integration with NetApp Snapshots automates backup and recovery operations to simplify IT, lower costs and reduce risk.
  • Orchestrated business continuity. Veeam’s direct integration with NetApp SnapMirror replication, delivers orchestrated business continuity that mitigates risk and ensures DR compliance.
  • Accelerated innovation. Leverage Veeam DataLabs™ with NetApp to accelerate application development and testing to improve time to market and increase the ROI on NetApp storage investments.
Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots
Veeam Explorer™ for NetApp Storage Snapshots: 
Recover individual items or entire VMs in two minutes or less from NetApp Snapshot and SnapMirror.  Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots is included in all versions of Veeam Backup & Replication™, including Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition.
Backup from NetApp SnapMirror:
With Veeam, you can backup directly from NetApp secondary storage resources, to free up primary storage to meet growing applications demands.
Backup from SnapMirror
Backup from SnapMirror and SnapVault
On-Demand Sandbox from Storage Snapshots
On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots:
On-Demand Sandbox allows you to quickly and non-disruptively create isolated copies of your environment to support dev/test, analytics, disaster recovery (DR) testing for compliance and more.
On-Demand Sandbox from Storage 
NetApp FAS has been tested and verified as a Veeam Ready Integrated solutions
Veeam is certified NetApp Compatible

#1 Availability for private clouds

NetApp HCI and Veeam simplifies IT, enhances service level agreements (SLAs), increases business agility and lowers costs by delivering predictable performance and Availability for all applications and data.

The joint solution reduces risk while enhancing ROI through Intelligent Data Management that enables organizations to gain additional value from primary and secondary NetApp storage.

NetApp HCI and Veeam enables Digital Transformation through a solution that is:

  • Easy to deploy: As an agentless solution, Veeam is easy to deploy and configure in virtualized environments. Likewise, NetApp HCI nodes can be production ready in under an hour.
  • Easy to manage: Veeam’s ease of use combined with NetApp HCI’s automated storage performance management, reduces complexity and enables IT to focus on business innovation.
  • Easy to scale: NetApp HCI efficiently scales compute and storage resources while Veeam rapidly scales to ensure Availability for all applications and data.
  • NetApp HCI and Veeam simplify IT, lower costs and increase agility through automated performance, Availability and seamless resource scaling. These capabilities enable businesses to deliver a true private cloud experience to their customers, business partners and end users. 


#1 Availability for private clouds

Veeam’s integration with FlexPod allows IT managers to achieve unprecedented levels of data protection at a price point practical for all applications. Veeam delivers Availability to the performance, agility and economics of FlexPod’s all-flash integrated converged infrastructure with the same capabilities offered to NetApp storage customers. In turn, FlexPod customers are able to meet the most stringent recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of Tier 1 applications.

Combining Veeam and FlexPod delivers:

  • High-speed recovery options to easily recover individual items or entire VMs from NetApp Snapshot, SnapMirror and SnapVault
  • Fast, application-consistent recovery points by orchestrating NetApp Data ONTAP to create snapshot only backups
  • Reduced risk of data loss by automating the creation of secondary backups from NetApp SnapVault
  • Verified recoverability by automating the testing of backups in the background to guarantee the recoverability of every file, application and VM
  • A cloud-ready platform that enhances data Availability by providing an efficient way to get backups off site to a service provider

FlexPod and Veeam provides an excellent choice for both enterprises and service providers looking for speed of deployment of virtualized infrastructure, new applications, services and storage capacity.

Veeam backup with FlexPod

#1 Availability for NetApp E-Series

NetApp E-Series all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays deliver the perfect combination of performance and economics to handle your most important data.

Both storage subsystems optimize price/performance, configuration flexibility, seamless scalability and simplicity. They enable you to process your critical business data faster and with better insights for more effective decision-making.

NetApp E-Series platforms make an ideal backup and storage repository for Veeam Availability solutions. As a high-performance, scalable, dependable and easy-to-manage storage solution, NetApp E-Series facilitates rapid backup and recoveries to ensure you can provide Availability for critical applications and data and meet business service level agreements enterprise wide.


#1 Availability for NetApp StorageGRID

As data volumes continue to proliferate, organizations need efficient, secure, scalable and highly available storage solutions that can be leveraged across hybrid cloud environments.

NetApp StorageGRID enables organizations to store massive amounts of content on highly efficient object storage to reduce overall costs for globally distributed rich media. Available as an appliance or a software-defined solution, StorageGRID delivers highly efficient and scalable storage for use in private and public cloud environments.

When StorageGRID is combined with the Veeam Availability Platform, organizations ensure the Availability and protection of critical business assets wherever they are located on premises, in remote office locations or in the public cloud.

And through Veeam Cloud Tier, businesses attain up to 10x savings on long-term data retention costs using native object storage integrations with StorageGRID and S3-compatible service providers.

This enables IT administrators to easily protect and rapidly recover data residing on StorageGRID platforms anywhere across hybrid cloud infrastructure to give organizations the freedom to move, manage, share and protect critical data wherever the business demands, as well as lower costs, increase agility and accelerate Digital Transformation.


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