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NEW Veeam ONE and Veeam ONE Free Edition 9.5

Part of Veeam Availability Suite

FAQ on Veeam ONE

What is Veeam ONE?
Veeam® ONE™, part of Veeam Availability Suite™, provides complete visibility into your entire IT environment, including virtual and Veeam-protected cloud and physical workloads. With support for Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Agents, as well as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, Veeam ONE delivers deep, intelligent monitoring, reporting and automation through interactive tools so you can be alerted to and resolve potential problems before operational impact.
What’s new in Veeam ONE 9.5?

NEW Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4 introduces new capabilities designed to deliver improved ease of use and efficiencies, including:

  • Reduced management costs through the proactive identification and alerting of known issues within Veeam environments, providing users self-support resolutions via hotfixes or reconfigurations with NEW Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics.
  • Improved response times through predefined and automated resolution of common backup and virtual infrastructure-related issues with self-healing remediation actions, thereby reducing IT management costs.
  • Improved ease of use, visibility and compliance management through a redesigned Veeam Business View optimized to easily organize VMs and agents into groups and more efficiently track performance and health states. Through VM and agent categorizations, application owners can easily track, monitor and assign alarms to mission-critical applications running in VMs, regardless of location.

Plus, real-time visibility into backup repositories and proxies through detailed heatmaps and much more. Learn more

The FAQs shown here are applicable to end customers. For more information specific to VCSP deployments, please contact your Veeam representative.


General Veeam licensing information including licensing criteria and terminology, can be viewed here.
How is Veeam ONE licensed?

Veeam ONE can be purchased in two ways:

  1. Using a perpetual, per-socket license with basic or production maintenance support
  2. Through the use of a portable instance license, which includes 24x7 Product Support.

Perpetual licenses of Veeam ONE are licensed per CPU socket on hosts with virtual machines (VMs) to be monitored or reported on. A license is required for each occupied motherboard socket as reported by the hypervisor API.

Instance licenses of Veeam ONE are portable subscription licenses,  licensed per instance and these instances can be used across many products or workloads interchangeably. There are one- to five-year instance licenses available, and customers can choose to purchase the entire instance bundles upfront or pay annually. Learn more about instance licensing here

Yes. Existing subscription customers will be required to update their license file upon installing Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4. This process will be handled in the user portal. Contact support for more information.


Who is eligible to upgrade to the latest version of Veeam ONE 9.5?
Customers with perpetual licenses of Veeam ONE who are current on maintenance and customers with subscription/instance licenses can upgrade to the latest version of Veeam ONE.
How do I renew support for my perpetual licenses of Veeam ONE?
To renew your support, complete a request for a renewal quote.
I’m a current Veeam ONE customer. Do I need to download a new license key to upgrade to the latest version of 9.5?
Yes, go to the Veeam Licensing Portal to generate your new license key. This license key is required when you install the latest version of Veeam ONE 9.5.
I currently use Veeam ONE and would like to upgrade to Veeam Availability Suite. How do I do this?
Customers with perpetual licenses of Veeam ONE who are current on maintenance can upgrade to Veeam Availability Suite at a price that takes their original investment in Veeam ONE into consideration. Customers with Instance licenses can use their existing instances for other products, including Veeam Availability Suite, and can purchase additional instances as needed.

Do you have more questions?

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