Product Demos

This 30-minute live product demo provides an in-depth technical look into the best practices for operating Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365.

In this live demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover:

  • The architecture and it’s components
  • Storage options, deployment methods and tips for managing repositories
  • Design, sizing considerations and performance tuning
July 06 Wednesday 1:30 pm AEST

This 30-minute live product demo provides an in-depth technical look into what’s included in the newest version of Veeam® Backup & Replication™.

In this live demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover:

  • Centralizing AWS, Azure and Google backup and recovery under a single console
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Ransomware-proof backups
  • Kasten K10 integration for Kubernetes clusters
  • And much more!
July 11 Monday 1:30 pm AEST

In this 30-minute live product demo, we will explore a variety of options for storage systems being used as a Veeam® backup repository in Veeam Backup & Replication™.

During the demo, a Veeam System Engineer will cover:

  • What you should consider while building your backup targets
  • Save storage space on XFS/ReFS-based repositories
  • Leverage from storage integrations
  • Air-gapped backup repositories
July 12 Tuesday 12:00 PM CEST
Veeam Basics (EMEA)
Upcoming demo
July 13 Wednesday

This 30-minute live product demo provides a basic overview of all Veeam® solutions, components and our backup architecture.

In this live demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover:

  • The Veeam architecture and its components
  • Fundamental backup principles (types of backups, backup source/targets)
  • Additional integrations and options (storage, cloud and restore scenarios)
July 13 Wednesday 12 p.m. CEST

Join our short demo of seriously powerful NAS backup capabilities of Veeam Backup & Replication. You will see how it’s simple, yet flexible and advanced functionality can allow you to reliably scale protection of massive amounts of data.

In this session, our systems engineer will cover:

  • How to run a complete restore of all files, roll back to a point in time or restore individual files and folders
  • How does changed file tracking increase the performance of your NAS backups
  • How to maintain access during downtime with instant NAS recovery
July 13 Wednesday 1:30 pm AEST
Veeam Backup & Replication — DataLabs
Upcoming demo
July 14 Thursday

Ta 30-minutowa, prowadzona na żywo prezentacja produktu jest szczegółowym omówieniem technicznym fantastycznej technologii Veeam DataLabs, jej architektury, komponentów i zastosowań.

Podczas prezentacji inżynier systemowy firmy Veeam omówi następujące zagadnienia:

  • Zastosowania technologii DataLabs
  • Omówienie technologii DataLabs
  • Dbanie o zgodność z przepisami przy użyciu technologii DataLabs
  • ABC pewności odzyskiwania
  • Tworzenie środowiska testowego od postaw przy użyciu kilku kliknięć

July 14 Thursday 11:00 CEST

This 30-minute live product demo gives you an overview of specific Veeam® Backup & Replication™ features that you can use to protect, detect and restore from a ransomware attack without ever having to give in to a ransom.

A Veeam Systems Engineer will address the following topics:

  • How to stay resilient against ransomware with offline backups
  • How to detect ransomware with Veeam ONE™ alarms
  • How to extend security against cyberattacks to Microsoft 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
July 14 Thursday 3 p.m. CEST
Veeam Backup & Replication — DataLabs
Upcoming demo
July 15 Friday

這段 30 分鐘的即時產品示範提供深入的技術解析,讓您了解 Veeam® DataLabs 技術的驚人威力、其架構、工程設計以及使用案例。

在示範過程中,Veeam 系統工程師將說明:

  • DataLabs 使用案例
  • DataLabs 技術為何
  • DataLabs 的合規性
  • 經過驗證的復原能力須知
  • 按幾下滑鼠即可從頭建立測試環境

July 14 Thursday 11 am CST

Questa demo live del prodotto, della durata di 30 minuti, offre una panoramica delle funzionalità specifiche di Veeam® Backup & Replication™ che possono essere utilizzate per proteggere, rilevare e ripristinare da un attacco ransomware. Questo ti permetterà di non dover mai cedere al riscatto.

Un nostro Veeam Systems Engineer affronterà i seguenti argomenti:

  • Come rimanere resilienti contro il ransomware con i backup offline
  • Come rilevare il ransomware con gli allarmi di Veeam ONE
  • Come estendere la sicurezza contro i cyberattacchi ai dati di Microsoft 365 con Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

July 20 Wednesday 10:00 CEST

This 30-minute live product demo provides an in-depth technical look into the architecture and engineering behind Veeam® Disaster Recovery Orchestrator.

In this live demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover how to:

  • Build a proven DR strategy using replicas, backups and storage snapshots
  • Easily orchestrate recovery plans at scale
  • Prove plans recoverability through automated testing
  • Meet compliance requirements with dynamic documentation
July 20 Wednesday 1:30 pm AEST

这场 30 分钟现场产品演示对操作 Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365 的最佳实践进行了技术剖析。
在本次现场演示中,Veeam 系统工程师将介绍:

  • 架构及其组件
  • 存储选项、部署方法和存储库管理建议
  • 设计、调整大小注意事项和性能调优

July 21 Thursday 3 pm CST

Эта демонстрация представляет собой общий обзор всех решений Veeam®.

В этой демо системный инженер Veeam рассмотрит следующие темы:

  • Архитектура Veeam и ее компоненты
  • Основные принципы резервного копирования (типы копий, источники данных и целевые хранилища)
  • Дополнительные возможности интеграции и настройки (хранение данных, облако, сценарии восстановления данных)

July 21 Thursday 11:00 МСК

Join Veeam® for a session focused on working with Kubernetes workloads. Our systems engineer will discuss:

  • How to protect Kubernetes applications from data loss and corruption
  • How to migrate applications to a new environment
  • How to perform a successful DR solution for K8s
July 21 Thursday 10:30 ICT

Veeam® Explorer™ for Microsoft SQL Server le proporciona una recuperación rápida a nivel de transacción de bases de datos SQL. Con la copia de seguridad y gestión de registros de transacciones sin agente, puede realizar rápidamente restauraciones puntuales de las bases de datos de Microsoft SQL Server — hasta una transacción individual — lograr los objetivos de tiempo de recuperación (RTO) prácticamente instantáneos y los objetivos de punto de recuperación (RPO) de 15 minutos.

Esta demo cubrirá:

  • Distintos escenarios de recuperación de SQL Server
  • Sin necesidad de recuperar un sistema completo ó utilizar herramientas * Instant Recovery de SQL Server
  • Y más

July 22 Friday 10:00 CEST
Veeam ONE – Monitoring and Reporting (APJ)
Upcoming demo
August 02 Tuesday

Take a look at the latest version of Veeam ONE, a key part of Veeam® Backup & Replication™. We will guide you through the advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities of this powerful solution:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting
  • Resource optimization and capacity planning
  • Chargeback, billing, documentation and management reporting
  • And more!
August 01 Monday 1:30 pm AEST

Microsoft Azure provides a powerful and reliable cloud computing platform for you to build, test and deploy applications without the financial burdens and time commitments of maintaining your own infrastructure. However, as referenced by the Microsoft Shared Responsibility model, it’s still your responsibility to protect and secure your data.

Join this live, interactive session to learn more about how NEW Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Azure delivers enterprise-ready Azure-native backup and recovery that is both cost-effective and secure. Our Veeam/Azure experts will share:

  • An overview of cloud protection principles, including:
    • Architecture and Design
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Security
    • Cost Optimization
    • Data Portability

  • How to implement these principles with a live product demo
August 03 Wednesday 1:30 pm AEST