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Speaker: Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jason Leiva
Duration: 59:50

You can’t support endpoints that you can’t see.
p. Join us to see how Kaseya VSA customers are able to command their entire IT management landscape centrally through one integrated console. Kaseya’s IT command center delivers detailed visibility into your entire infrastructure landscape, including traditional endpoints (computers, servers, laptops, workstations) as well as mobile endpoints. And everything you see is always up-to-date.

Speaker: Barry Bullard, Kevin Bahr, Vitaliy Safarov
Duration: 1:21:14

Learn how Veeam® and LabTech can help you the close the “availability gap” by offering complete data protection services including backup and recovery from the cloud.

    Join our Live Whiteboard and learn:
  • How Veeam Backup & Replication™ goes beyond backup to address the availability challenges facing today’s Always-On Business™
  • How Veeam Backup & Replication Plug-in for LabTech provides a single pane of glass view of backup activity and infrastructure across customer sites from inside the LabTech Control Center
  • How Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to back up and recover from the cloud
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
June 03, 2015
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 39:31

Even if you didn’t get to attend Microsoft Ignite, this webinar will provide a great recap of key moments from the event. Product Strategy Specialist Rick Vanover will give a recap focusing on:

  • The best from Microsoft Ignite
  • Our session: Availability for Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V
  • Our new product: Veeam Endpoint Backup™ FREE
  • Our new announcement (Something new and free for Azure)
Speaker: Mike Resseler
Duration: 18:35

Backing up your data is one thing, but recovering your data is another. The real reason for having backups is so you have the ability to recover your data when you need to. In this demo, you will learn the restore possibilities of Veeam® Endpoint Backup™ FREE, and you will see how easy it is to recover your data and work with Veeam’s very own recovery media.

In this video you will learn about:
  • File- and folder-based recoveries
  • Volume-based recoveries
  • Bare metal recoveries
  • Veeam Recovery Media
Recorded Webinar
May 04, 2015
Speaker: Mike Resseler, Jeff Crum
Duration: 56:21

It’s HERE! Join us to learn more about what Veeam® Endpoint Backup™ FREE can do for you and your Windows-based desktops and laptops, including:

  • What Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE is and what problems it solves
  • How to back up your endpoints and recover from everyday disasters
  • How to integrate your endpoints with Veeam Backup & Replication™
  • Key feature demonstrations
  • Live Q&A
See for yourself why endpoint backup must be simple and FREE!
Speaker: Mike Resseler
Duration: 18:55

Watch this demo to learn more about Veeam® Endpoint Backup™ FREE's backup methods, targets and scheduling options. Besides that, we will discuss rotating devices and simple installation and show you the differences in scheduled, ad-hoc and standalone full backups.

In this video you will see:
  • The backup configuration wizard
  • Rotating Devices
  • Scheduled, Ad-hoc and Standalone Full Backups
  • And more!
Speaker: Mike Resseler
Duration: 10:00

Watch this demo to learn more about Veeam® Endpoint Backup™ FREE's simple installation and default settings. We'll also go through the user interface and explain the different tabs.

In this video you will see:
  • The solution's settings
  • Status, update and support possibilities
  • Your first backup
  • And more!