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March 03, 2021
Recorded Webinar
February 26, 2021
Speaker: Wales Chen
Duration: 1:04:39

隨著採用雲端策略的腳步逐漸加快‍,公司必須謹慎規劃及運用合適的服務‍,才能發揮最理想的營運效益‍。過程中‍,不論資料儲存在內部部署儲存空間‍、Microsoft Azure 或 Office 365‍,最重要的是必須維護資料的安全及可用性‍,同時善加管理支出‍。如此重責大任‍,縱使是傑出的 IT 專業人員都不一定能勝任‍。

歡迎觀看這場網路研討會‍,Veeam® 將會說明‍:

  • 如何運用 Azure 服務‍,在降低成本的同時‍,也避免對功能產生影響
  • 備份的重要‍,以及如何以經濟實惠的方式維護 Azure 資料備份
  • 災難復原和雲端資料可攜性是否可靠‍?應如何節省成本‍?
  • 還有更多精彩內容‍!
Speaker: Max Lee 李友祥
Duration: 46:28

As adoption of public cloud continues to grow, many organizations turn to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run their production workloads. And, just like on‑premises, those workloads need protecting!

Veeam® is excited to announce the biggest release in its AWS backup and recovery capability history – Veeam Backup for AWS v3! This exciting, new release delivers the same AWS‑native, cost‑effective and secure data protection to more services on AWS, as well as other big new features, including:

  • Amazon RDS backup
  • Amazon VPC backup
  • Role‑based access control
February 23, 2021
Speaker: Wales Chen
Duration: 1:01:36

您知道 Microsoft Office 365 的註冊使用者人數超過 2.58 億嗎‍?
隨著這種新常態不斷演進‍,Office 365 資料現已成為業務成功與拓展事業版圖的關鍵‍。
取所有必要措施‍,確保您的 Office 365 資料安全無虞‍、防護周延且能隨時復原‍?
歡迎參加 Veeam 即將舉辦的網路研討會‍,進一步了解 Lenovo 和 Veeam 的 Office 365


  • 不備份 Office 365 資料對業務的影響
  • 如何釐清 Office 365 資料保留政策與貴組織政策之間的落差
  • 確實快速備份‍、還原關鍵 Office 365 資料及通過合規測試的關鍵
  • Lenovo 和 Veeam 如何提供完善的 Office 365 備份解決方案‍,成為業界佼佼者
Speaker: Max Lee 李友祥
Duration: 51:23

Although Microsoft Teams data has its own basic data retention, it doesn’t fully protect against accidental deletion or security threats that lead to data loss, nor does it enable long‑term retention for compliance or regulatory purposes.

Whether it’s just Teams or your entire Office 365 environment, it is your data — you control it — and it is your responsibility to protect it. That’s why Veeam®, the #1 Office 365 backup solution, has added purpose‑built backup and recovery for Teams, making it easier than ever for users to quickly find and restore Teams data.

Join our webinar on NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5 to see an overview of its capabilities, including:

  • Purpose-built Teams backup: Full control and protection over Teams data
  • Faster and easier recovery: Industry‑leading restore options built for Teams
  • Unmatched eDiscovery: Enables granular search and find across Teams components
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
January 22, 2021
Speaker: Wales Chen
Duration: 1:00:05

雖然 Microsoft Teams 資料有自己的基本資料保留功能‍,但未完全防止意外刪除或導致資料遺失的安全性威脅‍,也未針對合規性或法規長期保留‍。

無論只是 Teams 或整個 Office 365 環境‍,您的資料由您掌控‍,因此保護資料的責任自然落在您的身上‍。 這就是為何首屈一指的 Office 365 備份解決方案 Veeam®‍,新增 Teams 專用備份與復原‍,讓使用者前所未有地輕鬆快速尋找並還原 Teams 資料‍。

加入全新 Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5 網路研討會‍,了解其功能概觀‍,包括‍:

  • Teams 專用備份‍:全面控制及保護 Teams 資料
  • 更快速輕鬆地復原‍:為 Teams 量身設計的業界領先還原選項
  • 無與倫比的電子化搜尋‍:精細搜尋及尋找 Teams 元件
  • 適合更大企業的超強 Office 365 資料保護擴展性
Speaker: Max Lee 李友祥
Duration: 50:13

Disaster recovery planning is one of those topics that are not new but are more important than ever. What we learned in 2020 is IT environments are more essential than ever to deal with current conditions.

In this webinar, join Max Lee from Veeam® to discuss disaster recovery as a journey from end‑to‑end. Whether it’s business stakeholder processes, technical configurations at a storage and networking level or the critical applications that need to function in a disaster recovery event, Veeam technology can help you get your strategy right.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Identification of use cases for disaster recovery: Backup, replication, storage replication
  • Management of critical applications for disaster recovery
  • How Veeam solutions can help
  • And more
Speaker: Max Lee 李友祥

Watch this technical product demo to get an in-depth technical look into the best practices for operating Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

In this demo, a Veeam Systems Engineer will cover:

  • The architecture and it’s components
  • Storage options, deployment methods and tips for managing repositories
  • Design, sizing considerations and performance tuning
Recorded Webinar
January 08, 2021
Speaker: Wales Chen
Duration: 1:03:39

觀看 陳瑞文 示範 Veeam 如何透過簡單‍、靈活且可靠的方式‍,以現代化的超融合基礎架構保護 Nutanix AHV 工作負載‍。

自推出日起‍,Veeam 便不斷提升對 AHV 的保護能力‍。這場會議將說明我們如何簡化 Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV 的部署作業及新增功能‍。

此外‍,還可以了解 Veeam 如何運用 Nutanix 貯體進一步提升 Nutanix 檔案的資料可用性‍,同時也會列出一些即將推出的功能‍。


  • 集中式部署與管理
  • 快照整合
  • 彈性的復原選項
  • 監控與通報
  • 全新的可用備份目標
  • 靈活授權
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