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Вебинар в записи
Июль 04, 2019
Спикер: Rick Vanover
Длительность: 48:57

The Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository is a must-have technology for your backups. In this webinar, join Veeam expert Rick Vanover for a look on what real-world problems are solved by the Scale-Out Backup Repository. You will learn how to implement a backup storage infrastructure that will bring software-defined backup storage management into your control. New capabilities also allow the Scale-Out Backup Repository to become unlimited by leveraging the object storage capabilities of Veeam Cloud Tier; and it could not be any easier to set up!

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand what the Scale-Out Backup Repository is and how it works
  • Understand how to make backup storage unlimited with the Veeam Cloud Tier
  • See a live demo of how to use and configure the Scale-Out Backup Repository
Вебинар в записи
Июль 02, 2019
Длительность: 8:00

The ability to recover data quickly is one of the most critical areas of a successful data protection plan and for business continuity. Veeam has a built-in functionality — Instant VM Recovery® — which helps to quickly recover data from a backup file within minutes.  

In this quick demo, you can learn how to adjust and perform Instant VM Recovery with Veeam.

Вебинар в записи
Июль 01, 2019
Длительность: 6:30

One of the most critical areas when it comes to successful backup implementation is the ability to recover data in a timely manner. Veeam provides their clients with the capability to perform a successful and quick Full VM recovery in a simple manner.  

In this video, you will learn:  

  • What options you have available for full VM restores 
  • How to initiate a full VM restore   
  • What functionality exists  
  • How that dataflow differs  
Вебинар в записи
Июль 01, 2019
Длительность: 6:06

When you plan your backup implementation, one of the questions that will come up is how much space do you need? Veeam has two built-in capabilities that help make the data stream more efficient in the form of compression and deduplication.  

Watch this demo video to explore:  

  • Where to modify compression and deduplication settings 
  • How to enable encryption  
  • What other options you have available 
Вебинар в записи
Июнь 26, 2019
Спикер: Rick Vanover
Длительность: 55:59

Organizations have data in many different places that needs to be made available. Whether it is a physical server or a desktop, roaming laptop or a few other configurations – that data needs to be protected against everyday occurrences such as lapses in connectivity, hardware failures, file corruption — or even ransomware or theft. 
Today, organizations should not struggle with getting data off-site or protecting endpoints. Join Rick Vanover from Veeam for this webinar to showcase how the Veeam Agents for Windows and Linux can help organizations keep physical data available.

Join this session with Rick Vanover to know more about how to:

• What capabilities exist today for physical server and endpoint backup
• Off-site data backup and restore options 
• Where to use different backup strategies

Спикер: Kevin Ridings, Jean-François Marie
Длительность: 51:30


Data is increasingly at the core of any business or organization and is fueling new Digital Transformation initiatives. Data runs nearly every aspect of a company, from customer and employee engagement to product and service development to operations. With data at the center of business operations, data availability has never been more essential. Data availability is one of several elements in an effective and holistic data management strategy.

Watch this Veeam® + NetApp webinar to learn more about new standards to deliver data protection for NetApp Data Fabric in a multi-cloud world by:

  • Enabling more effective and timely data backup and recovery efforts
  • Reducing the cost of data-related outages
  • Minimizing the staff time required to manage and support
  • Optimizing the cost of storage hardware
  • Increasing ROI through intelligent data management

According to IDC, Veeam and NetApp customers get a 250% ROI with a 9-month payback on their investment, including 36% lower hardware costs, 56% more efficient backup staff and 89% lower cost of unplanned downtime.

Вебинар в записи
Май 09, 2019
Спикер: Bill McKinley, Anthony Spiteri
Длительность: 39:47

One thing is certain about data today — it’s growing exponentially. With this rapid increase of data created by organizations, it’s no surprise that challenges such as storage capacity and cost are starting to take hold. In addition, compliance requirements are requiring businesses to hold onto data for longer and longer. It is your mission to manage data growth, while also addressing compliance requirements.

To achieve this mission, you need a partner who not only has your back, but who also knows exactly how to address all these challenges.

Join this webinar with Veeam’s product experts to learn more about NEW Veeam® Cloud Tier, which:

  • Provides infinite capacity through native integration with Azure Blob storage
  • Frees up your local storage with long-term retention in affordable object storage
  • Help you avoid double charges and vendor lock-in
Вебинар в записи
Май 03, 2019
Спикер: Colm Keegan, Adam Bergh
Длительность: 32:39

How can organizations ensure seamless fluidity in a multi-cloud environment, while also simplifying IT, reducing risk and lowering costs?

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Understand the inefficiencies and risks of legacy systems
  • Learn how to transform your data center by using modern data management solutions
  • Hear about how Veeam® data protection combined with NetApp Data Fabric can solve your data center challenges, today and in the future
Вебинар в записи
Апрель 25, 2019
Спикер: Rick Vanover, Nicolas Bonnet
Длительность: 35:37

With the release of the new Windows Server 2019 version, IT pros around the world face difficult questions: What do I need to know before upgrading? What are the key ? What is the safest way to upgrade? And most important: How do I prepare now for leveraging Windows Server 2019?

In this insightful webinar with Veeam® Sr. Director Product Strategy, Rick Vanover, explains:

  • New Windows Server 2019 features
  • How to upgrade to WS2019
  • Testing migrations to Windows Server 2019
  • And more!
Вебинар в записи
Февраль 26, 2019
Спикер: Dilupa Ranatunga, Alexandra Skerritt
Длительность: 44:48

Business data is growing exponentially day by day, along with the risk of data loss caused by data corruption, employee failure or an external attack. However, it’s hard to make effective, long-term plans for keeping your data safe when you’re wrapped up in daily system-support operations. Join Veeam® Senior Inside Systems Engineer Dilupa Ranatunga for this one-hour webinar with a Q&A where we will detail the main threats for any business and the best practices necessary to combat them.

We’ll walk through:

  • Practical tips for off-site,disaster recovery and quick recovery techniques
  • Backup design considerations for today’s mix of cloud, physical and virtual in your data center
  • Automated backup testing, Office 365 backup, endpoint protection and more!
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