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Data Re-use

Unleash your backup data and do more than ever!

A gold mine of valuable data is wrapped up in your backups and replicas. These copies of your production data typically sit idle, collecting dust and waiting to be used in a recovery scenario. Did you know that you can use this copy data for use cases that are well beyond traditional backup and recovery? With Veeam® DataLabs™ – part of Veeam Backup & Replication™ – you can!

Adding to the longstanding ability to verify the recoverability of backups and replicas, Veeam DataLabs unlocks multiple use cases for copy data that goes beyond data protection and drives cost and operational efficiency while improving business agility. This includes the ability to achieve faster application deployment, mitigate risk by testing new upgrades and patches before rolling them out, DevOps, DevTest and even security and compliance verification.

Watch this video to learn how Veeam DataLabs can help you leverage your data for greater business acceleration

NEW Veeam data integration API

Increase data portability and put your backup data to work!

Expand your data management ecosystem with automation and save time. Enable third-party experts to instantly access the content of any Veeam backup for data mining, security analysis and data re-use.

  • Enable specialized third-parties to perform advanced data analysis on your data, saving time and tapping into Business Intelligence faster than ever.
  • The data mining of backup content aids in compliance processes and reduces the impact on your production environment.
  • Automate security analyses on backup data to ease the burden when performing security audits.

Veeam DataLabs On-Demand Sandbox

Accelerate innovation and business with isolated copies of production

Reduce your burdens for deployment and testing with Veeam DataLabs® On-Demand Sandbox™ by easily starting a copy of your production environment for a variety of testing, security, training or troubleshooting purposes, including:

  • Training personnel on real production environments and data.
  • Troubleshooting issues before touching the production environment.
  • Performing security forensic testing and researching security incidents and flagged events.
  • Performing application vulnerability testing and testing for security or compliance vulnerabilities.
  • Provision a complete isolated copy of your production environment by running copies of production virtual machines (VMs) directly from Storage Snapshots. 

Veeam DataLabs
staged restore

Ensure compliance, including with GDPR’s “right to be forgotten”

Staged restore can help ensure compliance with regulations such as with Governmental Data Protection Regulation (GDPR’s) “right to be forgotten.” Staged restore enables you to automate immediate testing of your backups before restoring them back into the production environment, ensuring that sensitive data has been removed.

Veeam DataLabs
secure restore

Verify that backups are safe
and free of malware

Secure restore increases data security and reduces interruptions that are caused through cross contamination by verifying that your backups are free and clear of viruses and malware. Staged restore automatically scans them through an integrated, patent-pending antivirus software interface.


Maximize your recovery

Deliver confidence to your organization while improving recovery-related operations by automatically verifying the recovery of every backup, replica and snapshot in an isolated, non-disruptive and non-destructive environment. Keep ransomware out for good with an automated step to scan the backup for malware, delivering confidence for future restores.

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