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Multi-billion Dollar Enterprises Protect Their Data, Reputation and Revenue with Veeam and any.cloud

Veeam is the global leader in data availability and intelligent data management. By combining Veeam with our cloud services, we provide a solution that keeps businesses running — no matter what.
Benjamin Falk Elveng
Chief Technical Officer

The Business Challenge

any.cloud has a broad client base including many enterprises. One of them is a large, international entertainment company.

Making award-winning movies and television series are colossal undertakings. They require a lot of people, a lot of hard work and a lot of data. Protecting data was a challenge for the company. It couldn’t consistently meet recovery objectives in its DR plan, putting data in a precarious state.

Data drives the entertainment giant. It’s indispensible for creating, producing, distributing and licensing every film and TV program. Data must be available nonstop.

If data isn’t available, the company may fall behind in filming and miss a deadline to deliver a movie in time for a premiere. If data is unavailable, television programming might not be distributed to TV stations in time for the next series to begin. So much is at stake: the company’s reputation, advertisers’ money and billions in revenue.

Nonstop data availability is a business requirement for another industry giant.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) is a leading maritime solutions provider with an impeccable reputation spanning more than 130 years. With 20,000 employees and a fleet of 640 vessels, BSM helps companies optimise their shipping operations worldwide.

BSM has data centres all over the world, and they all use Veeam Backup & Replication to anchor their DR strategy. Veeam delivers nonstop data availability to support BSM’s top business priority: the safe operation of ships with no injuries, loss of life or damage to property and the environment.

When BSM wanted to expand its DR strategy to include the cloud, the challenge was finding a reputable and reliable cloud provider that didn’t require BSM to spend millions building an additional network for secure data transfer. BSM queried several cloud providers. any.cloud had the best, most affordable solution.

The Veeam Solution

Veeam and any.cloud make data available nonstop for some of the biggest brands in the world, including top-grossing leaders in the entertainment and shipping industries.

With Veeam and any.cloud, business continuity is unconditional. The global entertainment giant can stay on schedule because data is available during every stage of film and TV production. Veeam and any.cloud protect against hacks, leaks, and piracy too.

Cyber criminals target the entertainment industry because the stakes are high, but encryption in Veeam Cloud Connect—Veeam’s conduit to cloud providers—stays one step ahead. It encrypts data to any.cloud during backup, in flight and at rest. Veeam also protects against insider attacks. With thousands of people involved in film and TV production, piracy and plot leaks aren’t a possibility—they’re a probability.

The shipping industry is vulnerable to cyber attacks as well because 90 percent of the world’s freight travels by sea. Cyber crime costs shipping companies millions each year, so BSM shored up cyber security with Veeam and any.cloud.

Cyber security has become an essential part of BSM’s digital transformation. As more technology is introduced on vessels, the company is fully committed to securing ship and customer data. Veeam and any.cloud protect that data, and they go one step further. They support intelligent data management.

For BSM, intelligent data management means maximising ship readiness to achieve higher income at the lowest possible operating cost. For the entertainment company, intelligent data management includes creating interactive social media experiences that open doors to wider audiences and richer connections.

Veeam and any.cloud also help organizations save money. Companies don’t need to invest in additional software, hardware or a private network for secure data transfer. Veeam integrates fully with all software, hardware and clouds.

“Veeam is the global leader in availability and intelligent data management”, said Benjamin Falk Elveng, Chief Technical Officer at any.cloud. No other solution delivers the reliability, stability, transparency, safety and trust like Veeam. By combining Veeam with our cloud services, we provide a solution that keeps businesses running—no matter what”.

The Results

  • Entertainment giant keeps TV and film production on track and avoids plot leaks
    Veeam and any.cloud deliver anytime, anywhere availability so the entertainment company can stay on schedule, distribute films and programming on time, and avoid the risk of plot leaks.
  • International shipper shores up cyber security to keep vessels and crews safe
    Cyber threats are increasing in variety, frequency and sophistication in the shipping industry. Veeam and any.cloud help protect BSM, its vessels and crew from harm.
  • Both enterprises optimise intelligent data management and save millions
    By providing continuous data availability, Veeam and any.cloud support intelligent data management, allowing enterprises to anticipate industry needs, meet demands, reduce business risk and accelerate digital innovation. Veeam and any. cloud also save enterprises millions in IT costs.


Since 1998, any.cloud has been helping customers increase their business by providing cloud-based IT and hosting solutions. any.cloud consists of three companies in Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic. Together they form a strong international unit that serves more than 500 customers in 20 countries. any.cloud is a Veeam Platinum Cloud Service Provider and a recipient of the Veeam award for Best Cloud Service Provider in Denmark.


What do multi-billion dollar enterprises in the entertainment and shipping industries have in common? any.cloud knows the answer. They have vast amounts of data that must be protected and available at all times. If data is not protected and available, they risk customer loss, reputational damage and financial ruin.


  • Entertainment giant keeps TV and film production on track and avoids plot leaks
  • International shipper shores up cyber security to keep vessels and crews safe
  • Both enterprises optimise intelligent data management and save millions