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Apparel Retailer Selects Veeam as Best Fit for VMware Monitoring and Management

The Business Challenge

Delta Galil Industries has a small IT team. Two people support two datacenters, 25 locations and 1,500 users. When they virtualized their datacenters, they needed to find an easy and efficient way to monitor and manage VMware vSphere. Since they were already using Microsoft System Center to monitor and manage their physical environment, the next logical step was to bring their virtual environment into the fold.

“Our goal was to continue using one monitoring console, so we needed to find a solution that integrated fully with System Center,” said Yakir Guttman, Systems Manager for Delta. “We wanted a single view of the physical and virtual environments. We also wanted a solution that worked right out of the box, giving us the reports and alerts we needed to be proactive and avoid problems from the start. We didn’t want to spend a great deal of time managing the solution either. And, we wanted something affordable.”

The Veeam Solution

The IT team considered several monitoring and management options before choosing Veeam® Management Pack™ (MP) for VMware. It provides affordable, scalable and fault-tolerant VMware monitoring and management directly in System Center, eliminating the need for a separate monitoring framework and leveraging the investment Delta already made in System Center.

With Veeam MP, Delta’s IT team manages its virtual and physical environments from the Operations Manager console. Guttman and his colleague have a complete view of the entire IT infrastructure, enabling them to identify the source of any problem and resolve it before users are affected.

“Having this unified view of the physical and virtual environments is exactly what we wanted,” he said. “It helps us be more efficient.”

Veeam MP integrates fully with System Center and VMware. It enables all System Center functionality—including alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses and automation—for all VMware components, including vCenter Server, clusters, hosts, virtual machines (VMs), hardware and storage.

“Veeam MP works great for us,” Guttman said. “It provides deep VMware monitoring, giving us all the information we need on performance and history. Veeam MP also sends frequent alerts, enabling us to fix problems before they grow. For example, we received an alert about memory running low on one of the ESX hosts in our office in Egypt. Ordering and shipping memory takes time, but because Veeam MP alerted us to this issue, we had enough time to take care of it.”

In addition to managing performance and capacity in Delta’s virtual environment, Veeam MP saves time for the IT team.

“It works out of the box,” Guttman explained. “It took very little time to get it up and running. The only thing that took a little time was fine-tuning some of the alerts. From then on, we found we didn’t need to manage Veeam MP on a daily basis. It works fine on its own.”

The team also found Veeam MP to be cost-effective. It is licensed per CPU socket on hosts to be monitored. There are no agents to purchase or administrative overhead.

Veeam MP is used in more than 1,000 deployments throughout the world, proving it is a reliable and mature solution that performs well with both VMware and System Center.

The Results

Extends Microsoft System Center to VMware
Veeam MP fully integrates with System Center, giving Delta Galil Industries a unified view of its physical servers, virtual servers and applications. Veeam MP brings deep VMware expertise and monitoring to the Operations Manager console, enabling the IT team to use System Center as its sole management interface.

Accelerates problem resolution
OVeeam MP monitors 500+ events and 175+ metrics, helping the IT team identify the source of problems and resolve them before they impact users. “You get a lot out of Veeam MP without spending a lot of time and effort implementing it,” Guttman said. “Veeam MP gives you valuable information about your virtual environment immediately.”

Saves time and money
Veeam MP saves time and money for IT administrators in several ways. Not only does the built-in VMware knowledge base reduce the learning curve, it also helps increase productivity. Because Veeam MP integrates completely with Microsoft System Center, they avoid the time and expense of deploying, integrating and maintaining another monitoring framework. And, Veeam MP doesn’t rely on agents, saving more money.

Delta Galil Industries Ltd
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Delta uses Microsoft System Center to monitor and manage its physical environment, and the company wanted to extend System Center to the virtual environment.


  • Extends Microsoft System Center to VMware
  • Accelerates problem resolution
  • Saves time and money
Delta Galil Industries Ltd
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