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ARNIAS was founded in Belgium in early 2012 to bring business continuity to small, medium and large organizations. The company protects its clients’ business-critical systems and applications in a simple, affordable and reliable way: recovery-as-a-service.


Before ARNIAS opened for business, its founder, Danny Daniels, and his business partner, Wim Peeters, searched for a fast and dependable solution to replicate clients’ critical applications to ARNIAS’ cloud so they could offer recovery-as-aservice (RaaS) managed services.

“We conducted an extensive feasibility study to map our processes to available solutions,” Daniels said. “We focused on specific objectives: secure, reliable data availability; fair pricing and flexible licensing to align with our business model; and finding a business partner who not only understood the challenges and opportunities that cloud providers face, but who also offered a local support team for advice and guidance. By far, the best fit was Veeam Software.”

Veeam Software: Support from Start to Finish

Daniels and Peeters worked closely with Veeam’s Benelux support team as they built their VMware environment and implemented Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to enable RaaS. Veeam provides powerful, affordable data protection for virtualized applications and data.

ARNIAS uses Veeam for several purposes: to perform image-based replication of clients’ critical applications to its cloud; verify the recoverability of the replicas to meet clients’ recovery point objectives (RPOs); and test failovers to meet their recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“We also use Veeam to back up our internal cloud platform because we trust the solution implicitly,” Daniels said. “And, we serve as a Veeam reseller if a client prefers to back up and replicate virtual machines (VMs) in his own datacenter rather than use our managed services model.”

Daniels cited several benefits to partnering with Veeam Software, beginning with fair pricing and flexible licensing that align with ARNIAS’ business model. Veeam Backup & Replication is licensed per VM, and partners can purchase licenses or rent them on a monthly basis.

“We rent licenses from Veeam based on the number of VMs we’re replicating each month,” he explained. “That means we don’t have to make a long-term commitment on a specific number of VMs and the capital expense that goes with it. We like Veeam’s pricing model—it’s clear, fair and easy to understand. In fact, the pricing model is exactly in line with how we do business.”

Daniels also cited Veeam Software’s marketing and customer support as benefits. “Veeam generates leads for us that open additional channels,” he said. “Veeam also helps us grow our pipeline by involving us in industry events and speaking opportunities. But really, it’s the people behind Veeam who make all the difference. One key reason we decided to partner with Veeam is because of the local support team. Veeam’s engineers are responsive and accommodating—they helped design our platform and verify processes. A successful partnership comes down to a good people, continuous communication and an easy-to-use, high-quality product. Veeam is the #1 solution to protect virtualized environments.”

Another reason why ARNIAS decided Veeam Backup & Replication was the best solution to power its managed services model is because Veeam supports both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, including Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. “The other tools we evaluated didn’t support Hyper-V,” Daniels explained. “As more of our clients move to a mixed environment, that support is crucial.”

Also crucial for ARNIAS is Veeam’s intuitiveness. “It’s easy to use, operate and manage, so we don’t have to devote a lot of manpower to replication,” Daniels said. “Veeam takes complex processes and makes them easy for operators. If I turned back the clock, I would still make the same decision to implement Veeam. I know a lot more now than I knew then but one thing is constant: Veeam is the best solution on the market. Partnering with Veeam Software was the best decision for us.”

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