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Bandwidth and Backup Aren’t Hurdles for Progressive Hosting Provider

Business Opportunity

BitCloud is one of the fastest growing cloud service providers in Australia because the company makes its clients and their changing needs a top priority.

When organizations began to give serious consideration to cloud computing—whether for specific applications or core infrastructure—BitCloud saw a business opportunity. But how could it stand out from the competition in what would surely become a crowded, even commoditized market? BitCloud drew on its strengths—local service and attention to each client’s business needs—to create a vision for a different kind of cloud offering.


Before BitCloud could create a flexible cloud offering that would accommodate each client’s particular needs, it had to find scalable, efficient and cost-effective technologies for its hosting environment. Data protection was a top priority, due to bandwidth constraints, service requirements and the resources typically consumed by backup.

“We run a 100% virtualised infrastructure; therefore, we needed a solution that worked well with VMware. We also needed a solution that would scale easily as the number of VMs increased,” said Bennett Oprysa, Chief Executive Officer for BitCloud.

“We also wanted to partner with a company that was actively developing its solutions; we didn’t want to have to switch vendors down the road.”


BitCloud partnered with Veeam® Software and deployed Veeam Backup & Replication™ to protect its Windows and Linux VMs, which now total more than 1,000. BitCloud incorporates Veeam into a number of different service offerings, including:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): for VMs that BitCloud hosts for clients. BitCloud offers both managed and self-service VMs, so clients have the convenience of one vendor and one monthly bill, but they only pay for managed VMs when needed.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (BaaS and DRaaS): for clients who manage their own on-premise VMs and use BitCloud to backup, replicate and recover in the cloud. Veeam’s flexible licensing enables BitCloud to deploy backup components at client sites as well as in its cloud, without any additional license fees. “Backup and disaster recovery are a great place to start with clients who are reluctant to let go of their on-premise applications and infrastructure,” said Oprysa.
  • Managed Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint: for agent-free backup and granular recovery of hosted Exchange and SharePoint environments.

“We chose Veeam because the company and its solution matched our needs perfectly,” Oprysa said. “Veeam Backup & Replication works well with VMware and is continually developed and enhanced. It provides both backup and replication, which has proven to be very useful for us, and the licensing aligns perfectly with our business model. All of the client services we offer are based on Veeam functionality.”

For example, Veeam’s replication functionality is used in a number of ways. In case of disaster, BitCloud replicates VMs to a second data center in Melbourne, about 875 kilometers away. BitCloud also uses Veeam replication to satisfy regulatory requirements for high availability, which some of its clients are subject to. In a role reversal of sorts, BitCloud even offers replication of hosted workloads to client sites.

“This is a good way to use a client’s existing infrastructure and alleviate fears about losing control,” Oprysa said.

Veeam’s advanced recovery functionality also came in handy when a client needed to search backups of its Exchange database over a two-week period.

“Using Veeam, searching those 14 restore points took about six hours. Without Veeam, it would have taken at least a week because we would have had to rebuild the VM at each restore point. We saved a lot of time with Veeam.”

BitCloud has found that Veeam can backup its biggest VMs, which are in its shared hosting environment.

“Before Veeam, we backed up these VMs with SAN-level snapshots, but the snapshots were expensive and problematic to restore from,” Oprysa said. “Using Veeam, we can backup even our largest VMs quickly and efficiently.”

It’s not uncommon for a BitCloud client to have a 10 Mbps network connection. But with Veeam’s built-in deduplication, WAN acceleration, dual-proxy architecture, seeding and “forever incremental” approach, BitCloud is able to backup and replicate VMs across slow or unreliable links.

In addition to a feature-rich data protection solution, Oprysa said he and his colleagues gained a valuable partnership when they chose Veeam.

“We found a solid partner in Veeam Software—the company understands virtualisation and how cloud providers operate,” he explained. “Because of Veeam we’re able to set ourselves apart from the competition.”


Veeam capabilities support BitCloud’s business strategy
BitCloud is unique because it offers both managed and self-service VMs. “Clients have many choices for cloud services and their needs change over time, which our business strategy addresses,” Oprysa said.

Advanced data protection helps attract new clients
Opyrsa and his colleagues appreciate the flexibility and range of services they can offer with Veeam Backup & Replication. “We can target companies we might not have been able to go after in the past, such as those needing replication for DR.”

Special service provider licensing matches business model
BitCloud rents licenses from Veeam based on the number of VMs it backs up each month, rather than having to make a long-term commitment on a specific number of VMs. “It’s obvious that Veeam understands service providers’ pricing model,” Oprysa said. “Our goal was to partner with a company that truly understands cloud infrastructure and virtualisation’s role in it. That’s what we have with Veeam.”

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BitCloud is a 100% Australian cloud solutions company that specialises in business cloud hosting, cloud storage, business continuity, disaster recovery and hosted software solutions. Based in Sydney, BitCloud is a member of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) and the Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) program.


To deliver on its vision, BitCloud faced several challenges. It had to drive down costs wherever possible to remain pricecompetitive, help clients overcome their cloud fears, and deal with the reality of limited bandwidth, which is prevalent in the areas BitCloud serves. A particular concern was data protection.


  • Veeam capabilities support BitCloud’s business strategy
  • Advanced data protection helps attract new clients
  • Special service provider licensing matches business model
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