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Cloud Provider Designs Custom-Fit Solution for High-End Women’s Apparel Company

Cloud Provider Designs Custom-Fit Solution for High-End Women’s Apparel Company

We make it clear to clients that it’s our job to worry about DR so they can focus on their business. Veeam Backup & Replication is an enabler for their success and ours.




OffsiteDataSync needed an efficient data protection solution to safeguard clients’ VMs and meet their RTOs and RPOs. The solution had to be reliable in order to meet SLAs, control staffing costs and achieve margin objectives.


  • Moves upmarket by delivering expert BDR services to clients that need to be always-on
  • Offers customized solutions on premise and in the cloud
  • Grows client base by 45% each year

About OffsiteDataSync:

OffsiteDataSync provides cloud computing, DR and backup services to organizations across the United States. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, the company takes time to understand each client’s business and implements solutions for each client’s needs. OffsiteDataSync is an Gold Veeam Cloud Provider.

Business Opportunity

OffsiteDataSync was established in Rochester, New York in 2002 as a managed service provider (MSP) for small companies with minimal or no IT departments. OffsiteDataSync recognized an opportunity to move up market by offering specialized backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services to larger companies (500 to 2,000 employees) with their own IT staffs.

“We differentiated ourselves from competitors in this space with ‘fit,’” said Matthew Chesterton, Chief Executive Officer, OffsiteDataSync. “Many service providers deliver set services and expect clients to conform to them. We took a different approach by customizing each solution to fit the exact needs of each client. Our goal is to become their BDR expert so they can focus on their larger goals and objectives and also become an always-on business.”


The next step was finding a powerful, cost-effective BDR solution to protect client virtual machines (VMs). The solution had to offer high-speed recovery to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and also be easy to use since some clients would perform restores or update backup jobs themselves. In addition, the solution had to connect seamlessly to OffsiteDataSync’s cloud infrastructure where offsite backups and standby replicas are maintained and where production workloads can run in the event of a disaster, enabling clients to stay always-on.


OffsiteDataSync partnered with Veeam Software and designed its services based on the functionality of Veeam Backup & Replication™.

“We organized our services around Veeam to simplify and strengthen BDR,” Chesterton explained. “We chose Veeam because it offers the best features and value in the industry and because it allows us to service clients with both VMware and Hyper-V. There’s no better solution for recovering quickly, verifying the recoverability of backups and failing over and back.”

OffsiteDataSync provides custom-fit DR and backup services to customers with a variety of configurations. Half of its clients run their VMs on premise and have their own copy of Veeam Backup & Replication. OffsiteDataSync offers these clients a complete managed backup service, as well as offsite backup repositories, standby replica VMs and a warm DR site where they can recover and run workloads in the event of a disaster.

Thirty percent of OffsiteDataSync’s clients run their production VMs in OffsiteDataSync’s hosted cloud. A portal enables them to provision new VMs, specify data protection methods for each VM (backup and/or replication), specify recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPOs and RTOs) per VM and check backup and/or replication status of VMs.

Twenty percent of OffsiteDataSync’s clients opt for a hybrid approach: They run some of their VMs on premise and some in OffsiteDataSyncs’s hosted cloud. While the majority of new clients choose the hybrid method, all are able to take advantage of OffsiteDataSync’s BDR expertise and avoid downtime and data loss.

“Our clients prefer to focus on growing their businesses rather than worrying about BDR because they know that’s where our expertise lies,” Chesterton explained. “Veeam’s functionality lets us deliver our services in the highest quality way and with absolute certainty every time.

“There’s no better data protection and DR solution—we use it to protect our own VMs,” Chesterton continued. “Veeam is easy to use and does what it says it will do. From a business perspective, that lets us get out more and sell more. Veeam has helped us grow our client base by 45% year over year.”

OffsiteDataSync focuses on fit, and so does one of its clients. Lafayette 148 New York is a high-end women’s apparel company known for luxurious fabrics, detailed craftsmanship and exceptional fit.

Lafayette 148 New York and OffsiteDataSync met in 2012 during Superstorm Sandy. Facing a potentially lengthy power outage and the prospect of a long, tedious recovery from file-based backups, Lafayette 148 New York quickly packed up its servers and brought them to OffsiteDataSync’s data center in Rochester.

“Many companies didn’t understand the value of IT until Hurricane Sandy,” said Kinsen Siu, Vice President, Global Security and Emergency Planning, Lafayette 148 New York. “We work in fashion, which is extremely competitive, and our employees in China wanted access to data. They didn’t want to hear any excuses. It sounds callous, but that’s the nature of our industry and why it’s so important to be always- on. Downtime can easily cost us between half a million and a million dollars per day. Downtime can also damage our reputation.”

“Ensuring always-on business is the competitive advantage for our company,” Chesterton said. “We had to act fast, so Lafayette 148 New York brought their servers to our data center in Rochester and we brought them back online here. We then used Veeam to replicate their VMs to our data center in Philadelphia, so they would be protected in case of a disaster in Rochester.”

Once Lafayette 148 New York’s data center was back online in Manhattan, OffsiteDataSync put safeguards in place so Lafayette 148 New York remains always- on. Using Veeam, OffsiteDataSync makes local backups of VMs for fast recovery from human errors, storage failures and the like, and copies backups to its Rochester data center for retention offsite. OffsiteDataSync also replicates VMs to the Rochester data center for DR.

“Partnering with OffsiteDataSync was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” said Zhiyu Lai, IT Manager, Lafayette 148 New York. “As soon as we learned that OffsiteDataSync lets us fail over to a replica VM in Rochester to avoid downtime and stay always on, we were satisfied. Veeam reduces our risk of data loss with fast, frequent replication and quick failover, giving us 5-minute RPOs and RTOs.”

Chesterton said today’s always-on businesses are hypersensitive to downtime and data loss. High availability is a must.

“With Veeam our data is protected,” Siu said. “We have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens—a hurricane, flood or blizzard—we’ll be able to work and our data will be safe. Replicating VMs offsite and having access to them at any moment is critical. If you can’t do that, you have something to worry about. A disaster could be around the corner.”

“We make it clear to clients that it’s our job to worry about BDR so they can focus on their business,” Chesterton said. “Veeam Backup & Replication is an enabler for their success and ours.”

OffsiteDataSync fully leverages Veeam technology for its clients including Veeam Cloud Connect, which lets it offer new and existing Veeam clients a fast and secure way to back up to the cloud.

OffsiteDataSync also leverages Veeam’s flexible licensing for service providers: monthly rental by the VM, which aligns with subscription-based business models, and perpetual licenses, which are ideal for long-term client contracts.


Moves upmarket by delivering expert BDR services to clients that need to be always-on
OffsiteDataSync began as an IT services generalist and grew its business by focusing on DR and backup for larger companies. Rather than offering a menu of set services and assuming clients will conform to them, OffsiteDataSync fits each client with a solution to match its particular needs and budget.

Offers customized solutions on premise and in the cloud
OffsiteDataSync offers clients a range of services and flexible subscriptions for their hosted VMs, on-premise VMs or combination of both. Veeam components can be deployed wherever needed to best suit the client. OffsiteDataSync leverages Veeam licenses that clients already own or uses special licensing available exclusively to service providers.

Grows client base by 45% each year
OffsiteDataSync acts fast to meet clients’ needs. When Superstorm Sandy threatened its data center, Lafayette 148 New York moved its servers from its Manhattan office to OffsiteDataSync’s data center in Rochester. Lafayette 148 New York employees were back to work before many of their competitors.

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