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For more than 40 years, DMLO CPAs have helped clients achieve top performance in business and wealth retention. The firm provides a full range of financial and advisory services to businesses, individuals, high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the firm has nearly 7,000 clients and employs 100 people.


Time is money for accounting firms, especially during the busy seasons leading up to tax-filing deadlines in April and October. Associates can’t waste time waiting for the IT department to recover data they need to prepare clients’ tax returns. When slow data recovery became a challenge for DMLO CPAs, their IT department acted fast so the firm wouldn’t be at risk for missing tax-filing deadlines.


  • Helps firm meet tax-filing deadlines
  • Saves valuable would-be billing time
  • Improves DR strategy to protect client services

The Business Challenge

DMLO CPAs have two busy seasons: the months leading up to April 15—the U.S. tax-filing deadline and October 15—the six-month extension deadline.

“As we approach these deadlines, the pressure in our office gets more and more intense,” said Bob Daugherty, IT Director at DMLO CPAs “Our associates can’t wait hours while I recover their spreadsheets. They need access to data 24.7 so they can complete their clients’ tax returns and file them on time.”

If data recovery is slow or impossible and DMLO CPAs fail to file on time, clients face monetary penalties from the Internal Revenue Service. Clients might file malpractice lawsuits against the firm, which could damage the sterling reputation DMLO CPAs have built over four decades, and ultimately impact revenue.

DMLO CPAs have an uncompromising commitment to exceed client expectations. They see their role as more than accountants—DMLO CPAs are trusted business advisors who won’t let anything get between them and their clients, including slow data recovery.

“Telling a partner we don’t have a day’s worth of data is not a conversation I would want to have,” Daugherty said. “That’s why we replaced legacy backup with Veeam® Backup & Replication™.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam helps DMLO CPAs meet tax-filing deadlines by delivering 24.7 Availability of data.

The firm’s associates have at least 60 accounting applications on their desktops, and they need access to every application every day. During busy tax seasons, they need access continually. Veeam delivers 24.7 Availability of data through high-speed backup and recovery.

Because Veeam backs up faster than the legacy tool, the firm backs up more frequently to increase the number of data restore points. Having several restore points is especially important given how often data changes. When recovery is required, Veeam restores items such as spreadsheets in fewer than 15 minutes.

“It’s amazing Veeam can restore data so quickly,” Da ugherty said. “Time is money, so if we can save the firm time by recovering data in minutes rather than hours, we’re helping preserve would-be billing hours. We’re in better shape financially with Veeam than we were with legacy backup.”

The firm’s average billing rate is more than $100 per hour. If someone spends five to eight hours recreating a spreadsheet because the IT department can’t restore it, the firm loses up to $1,000 in would-be billing time. If Microsoft Excel fails entirely and can’t be recovered, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of billable time could be lost.

Veeam also improved the firm’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy. In the event of a data center catastrophe, Veeam can recover every tax application and back-end system, including email and ERP, in one business day. Recovery with legacy backup could take seven days and put client services on hold.

“Veeam provides tremendous peace of mind,” Daugherty said. “I can assure our associates and partners that data center recovery will be fast.”

Veeam also supported the firm’s digital transformation. Over time, DMLO virtualized every application and system on VMware vSphere, and Veeam has consistently delivered 24x7 Availability of the entire virtual infrastructure.

“I can’t tell you how much better I sleep at night knowing Veeam is safeguarding our data,” Daugherty said.

The Results

  • Helps firm meet tax-filing deadlines
    “Thanks to Veeam we’re recovering data 99% faster—in minutes rather than hours,” Daugherty said. Faster recovery helps us meet tax-filing deadlines.”

  • Saves would-be billing time
    If an associate spends nearly eight hours recreating a spreadsheet because the IT department can’t restore it, the firm loses up to $1,000 in would-be billing time.

    “With Veeam, recovery is fast and easy. When someone asks me to recover a spreadsheet I say, ‘sure, give me five minutes.”

  • Improves DR strategy to protect client services
    Recovering the firm’s data center with legacy backup would take seven days, potentially putting client services on hold. Recovery with Veeam would take one business day.
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