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Czech Republic’s Leading Pharmaceutical Provider Relies on Veeam for Backup, Recovery, Monitoring and Reporting of Virtual Environment

The Business Challenge

After implementing a VMware infrastructure that includes approximately 90 virtual machines (VMs), the IT team at Alliance Healthcare faced a huge problem. System Engineer Karel Novák and his colleagues could not find a backup and recovery solution that was fast or effective. The tool they used required VMs to be suspended before being restored, which was very time-consuming. 

Novák and the team began looking for a new disaster recovery (DR) solution that would provide fast backup and solid recoverability for the company’s critical applications, which include Oracle databases, an online ordering system for customers, a billing structure and warehouse inventory management.

They worked with Bull, Architect of an Open World™, an IT company that helps clients optimize the architecture, operations and financial return of their IT systems and mission-critical related businesses. Bull focuses on open and secure systems and is the only European-based company offering expertise in all key elements of the IT value chain.

The Veeam Solution

Alliance Healthcare chose Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to ensure its critical applications can be backed up, restored and recovered quickly and easily. “Once we installed Veeam Backup & Replication, it delivered exactly what it promised,” Novák explained. “We have full confidence when backing up our critical systems and know our online ordering system is available 24x7 to our customers with no disruption.”

Recoverability is equally important to Alliance Healthcare. When Novák and the team experienced a problem with their primary datastore and suffered complete data loss, Veeam Backup & Replication saved the day. “Thanks to Veeam, we recovered the complete infrastructure (about 40 VMs at the time) in just a few hours over a 1 gigabit local area network,” he said. “With Veeam, backup and recovery is not only fast but extremely reliable.”

Novák and his colleagues also use Veeam to verify the recoverability of every backup. With SureBackup™, they no longer have to manually test backups for recoverability, saving time. File-level restore is faster with Veeam too. “We can recover a file or application item in minutes without restoring the complete image. This saves a lot of time as well, and server downtime is reduced to a minimum,” he added.

Novák and the team use also Veeam for replication. “Like backup, replication is used with critical systems,” he explained. “We consider replication a bonus part of this solution because we didn’t have to make a financial or time investment in a second product. Replication with Veeam helps ensure business continuity.”

When Alliance Healthcare needed a virtual management solution for the virtual infrastructure, the IT team turned to Veeam Software again. Novák and his colleagues chose Veeam ONE™ because it offers powerful reporting and 24x7 monitoring and alerting capabilities with built-in intelligence for fast troubleshooting and problem resolution. Veeam ONE also offers advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for backup, making it easier than ever to optimize the protection, performance and availability of the entire virtual environment.

“Veeam ONE monitors all activities in our VMware environment, giving our helpdesk an immediate idea of where a problem lies, such as disk space running low,” Novák said. “Veeam ONE also makes it easy for me to share VMware and backup status updates with management through Visio, Excel, Word or PDF documents.”

The Results

Backs up critical applications quickly and efficiently
Alliance Healthcare relies on Veeam Backup & Replication for fast backup and solid recoverability of its critical applications. When the company suffered complete data loss, Veeam recovered 40 VMs efficiently and effectively.

Saves significant amount of time
SureBackup recovery verification and Instant File-Level Recovery help Alliance Healthcare’s IT team save thousands of hours each year.

Optimizes virtual environment
Veeam ONE provides complete monitoring, alerting, reporting and capacity planning capabilities for virtual and backup infrastructures, helping IT team members enhance the protection, performance, configuration and utilization of their virtual environment.

Ensures business continuity
Veeam Backup & Replication offers both backup and replication in a single solution at one price. Integrated with Veeam ONE, it helps optimize the performance of Alliance Healthcare’s virtual infrastructure and ensure business continuity.

Alliance Healthcare
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Alliance Healthcare is the leading pharmaceutical provider in the Czech Republic. On a global scale, the company supplies medication, healthcare products and related services to more than 150,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals in 16 countries.


Implement a VMware backup and recovery solution for critical applications that is fast, reliable and always effective.


  • Backs up critical applications quickly and efficiently
  • Saves significant amount of time
  • Optimizes virtual environment
  • Ensures business continuity

About Bull:

As the only European player to cover the whole of the IT value chain, Bull is ideally placed to help its customers build value‑creating information systems. In an open and fast-changing world, Bull helps companies and administrations liberate themselves from technological shackles, enabling them to radically gear up their innovative capabilities. In its relentless quest for safe, cost effective, sustainable and, open critical infrastructures, Bull cultivates cutting-edge know-how, teams up with top-tier partners and develops a broad, powerful and modular range of products and services. By consistently offering customers the fruit of innovative, purpose-designed, high-performance ideas, Bull has earned worldwide recognition and enjoys a leading position in Europe.
Alliance Healthcare
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