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Electronic Government Authority (EGA) of Ras Al Khaimah Relies on Veeam to Deliver 24/7 Availability of its Critical data

The Business Challenge

The Electronic Government Authority (EGA) of Ras Al Khaimah was established in 2004 as the centralized provider of services such as IT operations, inventory management, asset management and maintenance, and support to various government departments within the Emirate.

“As we are responsible to ensure and provide IT infrastructure, i.e. 24x7 availablity of our mission critical servers and application for various government entities in Ras Al Khaimah the reputational and monetary impact of downtime will be significant.”

“Our earlier backup solution was designed for Physical Environment , which is not in sync with our current backup requirements. With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and VMs serving mission-critical applications- representing an incredible 95% overall virtualization- this was a major challenge that needed to be urgently addressed.”

The Veeam Solution

EGA carefully evaluated the latest solutions from the market’s top vendors, including its incumbent provider. “Veeam stood out from both technical specifications and support requirements including the cost optimization opportunity for backup process. The Availability Suite was easy to deploy and manage, cutting down on operational as well as backup efforts of various stake holders. EGA ITSM Team.

Exponential growth in data has meant that today, Veeam is responsible for the availability of TBs of data. Features such as built-in deduplication and compression has meant that backups now take place faster and much more reliably than ever before.

The IT team was particularly impressed by the advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities Veeam’s solution offered. The team benefits from insightful alerts while detail, easy to understand reports facilitate smooth communication of backup statistics amongst the various stakeholders,vis-à-vis considering EGA’s distributed VM environment previously.

Instant VM Recovery® and Virtual Labs are the two features of Veeam solution that are of a particular importance for EGA. “With Instant VM Recovery, we can recover virtual application servers quickly, while Virtual Labs allows us to safely test and develop applications,” EGA ITSM Team. Last, but not least, the professionalism and support of the local Veeam team was simply unmatched.”

The Results

  • Reduction in license costs for backup solution and ROI in first 12 months
    Licenses for Veeam Availability Suite are less expensive than those for current backup tool and the organization has seen additional cost savings as a result of reduced storage requirements.
  • Recovery of mission-critical virtual application servers in minutes
    The powerful monitoring and reporting tools enable EGA to rapidly detect and act upon potential issues, thus mitigating the threat of downtime. Reliable backups have eliminated the need for active monitoring of the backup process resulting effort optimization. “We enjoy 99% availability and the solution’s simplified management allows us to assign resources to tasks that drive business productivity,” EGA ITSM Team.
  • Simplified management enables saving man hours per week while delivering 99% availability
    Veaam’s simplified and cost effective licensing structure has enabled EGA to scale its investment in line with business needs and IT budgets. “We’ve increased the deployment of Veeam Availability Suite by 5 times. This showcases the ease of deployment and scaling and also highlights our confidence in the solution”.
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Electronic Government Authority (EGA) of Ras Al Khaimah was established in 2004 to transform Ras Al Khaimah society to an online community, through the application of the latest technologies and integrated solutions. EGA provides centralized services to the government departments in Ras Al Khaimah in the following areas: Technical project management, technical services management, training programs, and e-services.


EGA virtualize 95% its IT environment to optimize the utilization and reduce the cost of its infrastructure, simplify management, and increase agility of application delivery. However, in its highly virtual environment, the IT team needed to ensure the constant availability of the missioncritical applications it hosted for various government departments.


  • Reduction in license costs for backup solution.
  • Enhance Recovery time for mission-critical virtual application servers.
  • Simplified management enabling effort optimization while delivering 99% availability.
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
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