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Engineering Services Firm Protects Integrity of Data with Veeam

The Business Challenge

QuEST Global Engineering delivers transformative engineering solutions to many Fortune 500 companies. They count on QuEST for novel and best-in-class engineering solutions that span complex systems, platforms and products.

Much of QuEST’s work includes mechanical & embedded engineering. As part of the services offering, the company generates a tremendous amount of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) files, which are massive. These files (and all critical data) must be available 24.7.365. QuEST offices are located in every major time zone, so work never ceases.

“We’re an always-on enterprise, which means we’re dependent on uptime and availability, said Sumeet Arora, Vice President of Information Technology at QuEST Global. “Downtime is not something we will tolerate. That’s why we had to relook at the way our legacy backups were running.”

QuEST was experiencing elongated backup windows due to immense backup volumes. Long backup windows impacted the production environment, leading employees to complain of performance degradation to access critical applications, such as project management and human-resource management systems.

“Performance of these systems was less than adequate,” Arora said. “Our employees are hard-working and industrious; we couldn’t let long backup windows impact their productivity.”

Prashant Nagraj, Manager of Servers at QuEST Global, said long backup windows weren’t the only challenges with legacy backup. Recovery was slow, making it difficult to meet recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“RTOs are absolutely critical to the business,” Nagraj said. “We have to be able to recover quickly for business continuity, whether it’s a single application or an entire data center.”

Nagraj said legacy backup presented one more challenge.

“Legacy backup only backed up—that’s it,” he said. “We had to buy separate programs for replication and deduplication/compression. Each program came with its own console, so we spent too much time jumping from one console to another.”

The Veeam Solution

QuEST replaced legacy backup with Veeam® Availability Suite™. Backup windows decreased, recovery speed increased and replication became the company’s go-to solution for migrating virtual machines (VMs) between data centers.

“Veeam protects the integrity of our data,” Arora said. “Our employees have access to whatever data they need—whenever they need it. They don’t have to wait to access business-critical systems. Data is always available to them.”

Not only is backup faster with Veeam, but recovery is too.

“Recovery time has improved by 40 percent,” Arora continued. “Veeam gives us the capability to respond to any type of recovery. Meeting RTOs is easier.”

During an unfortunate outage, Veeam helped the IT team recover 100% of the data quickly. They used Instant VM Recovery® to restore all VMs from backups. Within six hours, the data center was fully operational. Recovery with legacy backup would have taken 10 hours.

Migrating VMs is another Veeam specialty. When the IT team decided to move a 20TB server from one data center to another so it would be closer to employees for faster access, the team used Veeam replication. Applications on the server remained available to employees the entire time.

“Veeam makes life easier, from backup to recovery to migration,” Nagraj said. “Veeam also combines everything in one solution. We look at one console throughout the day, not several, which saves time.”

Veeam offers additional capabilities: advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning. Monitoring and reporting give QuEST visibility into the virtual and backup environments so the IT team can identify and resolve issues before they impact the business. Capacity planning helps analyze the performance of virtual objects, forecast resource shortages and optimize resource provisioning.

The Results

  • Reduces backup window, giving employees fast access to key systems
    Long backup windows prevented employees from accessing critical systems quickly. Veeam shortened backup windows, giving employees immediate access.
  • Increases recovery speed by 40 percent, making RTOs easier to meet
    Veeam offers several high-speed recovery features that shortened recovery time, including Instant VM Recovery, which restores VMs from regular backups in minutes.
  • Migrates VMs between data centers with continuous application availability
    Using Veeam replication, QuEST migrated a live VM between data centers without interrupting application access to employees. Business continued as usual.
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QuEST Global Engineering is a niche engineering services company, serving product development and production engineering needs of technology companies in sectors such as aerospace and defense, medical devices, transportation and power, oil and gas. Founded in New York in 1997 and headquartered in Singapore, QuEST employs more than 8,000 people worldwide.


Legacy backup presented three challenges. Backup windows were so long that employees faced performance degradation in accessing critical systems. Recovery was slow, making RTOs hard to meet. And, separate software was required for backup, replication and compression/deduplication. The IT team was forced to use several consoles, which was time-consuming.


  • Reduces backup windows, giving employees faster access to key systems
  • Increases recovery speed by 40 percent, making RTOs easier to meet
  • Migrates VMs between data centers with continuous application availability
Quest Global
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
4.9 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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