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V.S.T. Tillers Tractors Ltd.

Farm Equipment Manufacturer Cultivates 24.7.365 Availability to Serve their Customers


VST Tillers Tractors Ltd is a leading farm equipment manufacturer in India. Established in 1967, the company produces tillers, tractors and diesel engines for thousands of customers


VST Tillers Tractors has served the agricultural market for more than half a century. The company is renown for unparalleled products and service, resulting in a loyal customer base. When slow backup and recovery threatened service level agreements with customers, the company wasted no time finding a superior solution.


  • Delivers 24.7.365 Availability of critical IT systems
  • Preserves customer loyalty by meeting service level agreements
  • Decreases downtime by 99 percent (seven hours to three minutes)

The Business Challenge

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd (VTTL) is one of the fastest-growing companies in India, so it should come as no surprise that VTTL top business priorities are timely manufacturing, fast delivery and first-rate customer service.

VTTL serves two sets of customers: dealers that sell farm equipment and government institutions affiliated with agriculture. Detailed information about each customer is logged in a dealer management system (DMS), making it one of VTTL most critical business assets.

If the DMS fails and can’t be recovered quickly, business operations are hugely impacted. Manufacturing slows down, deliveries are put on hold and service level agreements (SLAs) with customers are in danger.

VTTL doesn’t let anything get in the way of SLAs, including downtime. That’s why the company sought 24.7.365 Availability of its Microsoft Hyper-V environment. Backup and recovery were slow, making downtime possible.

“Downtime can cripple our business,” said Mayank Bedi, Head of the IT Department at VTTL. “We require critical systems to be available 24.7.365, but our legacy backup tool could not deliver. We value customer loyalty, and downtime can derail customer loyalty.”

The Veeam Solution

VTTL replaced legacy backup with Veeam® Availability Suite™. Veeam helps VTTL avoid downtime by delivering 24.7.365 Availability of critical business systems, including the DMS.

“Veeam is the heartbeat of our IT infrastructure,” Bedi said. “Veeam keeps our critical systems running so we can meet SLAs with customers and maintain their loyalty.

Bedi said Veeam “saved the day” when the DMS crashed.

“Veeam recovered our DMS from the latest backup in three minutes,” he explained. “Recovery with legacy backup would have about seven hours. That length of downtime might have caused us to miss deadlines in our SLAs, which could have damaged customer loyalty.”

Bedi said legacy backup was lacking several key capabilities including recovery verification. Veeam provides SureBackup® and SureReplica, which verify the recoverability of backups and replicas.

“We have full confidence in our ability to recover from our backups and replicas, thanks to Veeam,” he said. “When a technician accidentally deleted a server, we restored it almost instantly — another ‘save the day’ scenario.”

Veeam also offers advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning so VTTL can oversee the health and wellness of the Hyper-V environment.

“Monitoring, reporting and capacity planning capabilities are exhaustive capabilities in Veeam, which help in two areas,” Bedi said. “We resolve issues before they impact the business and our customers, and we optimise resource provisioning. For example, Veeam reports on oversized and undersized servers so we can right-size them.”

Veeam saves money too. Built-in deduplication and compression reduced VTTL backup footprint by 70 percent.

“Saving money is important, but keeping the business running 24.7.365 is more important,” Bedi said. “We depend on Veeam for 24.7.365 Availability so we can meet SLAs with customers and maintain their loyalty.”

The Results

  • Delivers 24.7.365 Availability of critical IT systems
    Veeam’s fast backup, replication and recovery combined with advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning keep VTTL critical systems running at all times.
  • Preserves customer loyalty by meeting service level agreements
    Veeam helps VTT meet SLAs with customers by ensuring business-critical assets are available to the business 24.7.365.
  • Decreases downtime by 99 percent (seven hours to three minutes)
    “We are in safe hands with Veeam,” Bedi said. “If our critical IT systems fail, we only need five minutes to restore the entire business.”
V.S.T. Tillers Tractors Ltd.
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