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File-Level Restore Time Cut by 99 Percent and Backup Time Cut by 50 Percent at Royal London Asset Management

The Business Challenge

RLAM began considering the concept of virtualization in early 2008 because the company had experienced a great deal of growth and had purchased a number of new servers for specific applications. As a result, the IT department was quickly running out of rack space and facing growing problems with air conditioning.

Today the company’s IT environment includes 16 physical servers and 20 virtual servers. “Our goal is to become almost all virtualized,” explained Paul Carpenter, Senior Infrastructure Support Technician for RLAM. “We’re more than half way there, and already we have experienced a significant reduction in overall operating costs.” In late 2008, Paul and his colleagues began testing three backup solutions for the VMware environment, including Veeam Backup & Replication. “We knew we wanted a fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use backup solution that also provided reliable technical support,” he said.

The Veeam Solution

Paul and his team ran each product through various tests, and the differences became apparent quite quickly. “The first was too complicated to use, the second was painfully slow and clunky, but the third (Veeam) gave us everything we needed, plus top-notch technical support,” he said.

One of the first tests Paul conducted was backup speed, and Veeam proved to be 50 percent faster than the others. “One of the products took 30 minutes to perform a simple backup process, while Veeam took less than 15 minutes,” he said. Another test involved restore speed. “Veeam was twice as fast in this case too,” he said. “Veeam took 30 minutes to fully restore an 80 gig virtual machine. It would have taken more than an hour with the other products.”

Paul said there was a huge difference in file-level restore speed too. “Again, Veeam is unbelievably faster. It took 15 seconds to fully restore the file, compared to 30 minutes just to mount the VM as required by another product. Obviously, we became far more confident in Veeam’s reliability regarding file-level restore. This was a major deciding factor.”

Another deciding factor was technical support. “During the evaluation period, we posted comments to each company’s online forums,” Paul explained. “Veeam answered our questions quickly and thoroughly, which certainly wasn’t the case with the others. Another key aspect we really like about Veeam is its rate of product development. Veeam Backup & Replication is a rapidly developing product, and each new version offers even more versatility and reliability.”

The Results

Backup Time Cut in Half - Paul and his team tested various VMware backup solutions. Veeam took 15 minutes to perform a basic backup process, while another product took 30 minutes to perform the same task.

File-level Restore Time Reduced by 99 Percent - The IT team also tested file-level restore time. It took Veeam only 15 seconds to restore the file, while it took the other product 30 minutes just to perform the preliminary step of mounting the VM.

Technical Support is Timely and Reliable - When Paul and his team posted questions to each of the company’s online forums, only Veeam answered them quickly and thoroughly. Paul said timely and reliable support has continued with each new version of Veeam Backup & Replication.

Product Enhancement Continues - Unlike slower-moving competitors, Veeam brings out new releases with major new functionality very frequently.

Royal London Asset Management
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Established in 1988, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) provides investment management solutions for both the Royal London Group, which is the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company, and a range of external entities, including large corporations, universities, charities, financial advisors, and private clients.


Find a fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use backup solution for VMware that provides reliable technical support


  • Cuts backup time in half
  • Reduces file-level restore time by 99 percent
  • Offers timely and reliable technical support
  • Provides continuous product enhancement
Royal London Asset Management
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