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Gold Mining Company Strikes Gold with Veeam

The Business Challenge

How does a company with an ICT infrastructure that spans the globe protect its data and ensure fast recovery in case of disaster? It virtualises and standardises ICT operations. Troy Resources Limited is an excellent example.

Troy has offices in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Guyana. The company virtualised data and applications in each location using VMware vSphere, and it standardised hardware using HP Proliant DL380 Servers, HP Fibre Channel Switch and HP MSA P2000 Storage. The next step was finding a data protection and disaster recovery (DR) solution designed specifically for virtualisation.

“We wanted a reliable solution that worked successfully the first time and every time after that,” said Craig French Hendry, Group ICT Manager at Troy Resources Limited.

“Full confidence in our ability to restore data quickly and easily from any location was paramount. And, we sought a solution with a clean, simple interface.”

Hendry and his colleagues didn’t go online to read software reviews before choosing a solution. They talked with their peers instead.

“It’s hard to see the wood from the trees on the Internet when vendors spout their competitive advantages over each other,” he explained. “Our choice was made by listening to the loudest voices among our peers. The loudest voice each time said Veeam.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ provides powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup, recovery and replication for VMware vSphere environments of any size and complexity. Troy uses Veeam at each company location to back up VMs onsite and offsite and to replicate VMs among sites. A separate DR site retains copies of backups and replicas.

Veeam Backup & Replication comes with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager—a management and reporting component that lets Troy manage multiple Veeam Backup & Replication installations from a single web console. With an expansive backup infrastructure like Troy’s, Veeam Backup Enterprise manager acts as a single management point for data protection and DR.

“We learned early on that Veeam is very easy to use,” Hendry said. “A production server failed when we were testing Veeam, but we quickly figured out how to restore the server. This was done without any training or exposure to recovery procedures. Veeam is an intuitive product.”

Veeam’s distributed backup architecture has been helpful too. When a colleague in the Australian office accidentally deleted her inbox, Hendry quickly restored it from the Argentinean office.

“She called me when I was out to dinner, and she was naturally panicked,” he explained. “She’s the assistant to the CEO, and she needed her emails. Restoring her inbox was as simple as securing a remote desktop session to the Veeam backup server in Australia. I still had time to go back for dessert.”

Another time a financial report was lost accidentally lost. Because Hendry was traveling at the time, he talked a team member through the Veeam recovery process, and the document was restored in minutes.

“Ease of recovery is the crux of Veeam for me,” Hendry said. “I am fully confident in our ability to restore VMs, individual objects, applications, and file systems from any point in time. When our Microsoft Exchange Server blue-screened during a software update, I quickly recovered the application from a replica. Fast recovery is always critical. I know if something happens to a server in Argentina, due to either major power outages or minor earthquakes, I can bring that server online in another office, and we won’t lose a bit of data.”

In addition to Veeam’s functionality, Hendry is pleased with Veeam’s technical support.

“I ran into a problem when I upgraded to a new version of Veeam Backup & Replication,” he explained. “I called technical support and was very impressed when the representative resolved the issue quickly. They found the problem and walked me through a remote-control session. They also took the time to explain the problem and why it was occurring in our environment. I believe in total transparency when it comes to technical support, and that’s what you get with Veeam.”

The Results

Distributed backup architecture simplifies deployment and management
With Veeam Backup & Replication, a single backup server acts as a point of control to manage multiple backup proxies and backup repositories across Troy’s ICT infrastructure. Installation and configuration of architecture components are fully automated, which helps streamline deployment and maintenance of multiple sites.

Flexible and easy recovery options for VMs, guest files and application items
Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery lets Troy’s ICT team restore a failed VM from a replica in minutes. Team members can also restore guest files and application items quickly and easily. Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange lets them browse Exchange items inside Veeam backups and restore mailboxes, calendars, contacts and individual emails.

Efficient backup, recovery and replication in multi-hypervisor, storageagnostic environments
To provide the most comprehensive protection of a virtual infrastructure, Veeam Backup & Replication combines multi-hypervisor backup, recovery and replication in one solution. Veeam is storage-agnostic, enabling organisations to use any storage device for production and backup storage.

Troy Resources Limited
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Founded in 1984, Troy Resources Limited is a gold and silver producer headquartered in Perth, Australia. Dual-listed on the Australian and Toronto Stock Exchanges, Troy has operations at Andorinhas in Para State, Brazil and Casposo in San Juan Province, Argentina and a development project in Guyana.


A distributed ICT infrastructure required a reliable backup solution that enabled fast, easy recovery from any office worldwide.


  • Distributed backup architecture simplifies deployment and management
  • Flexible and easy recovery options for VMs, guest files and application items
  • Efficient backup, recovery and replication in multi-hypervisor, storage-agnostic environments
Troy Resources Limited
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
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