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GreenPages: Veeam Completes the Virtualization Journey for Our Clients

Business Opportunity

GreenPages’ deep technology expertise, broad engineering certifications and vendoragnostic business model offer clients a strategic, cross-platform, proactive approach to designing, deploying and supporting modern IT environments.

“Modern IT environments require modern data protection,” said Christopher Reily, Director of Solutions Architecture at GreenPages. “As clients move toward 100% virtualization in cloud-capable infrastructures, protecting their critical applications and data is essential. We need to be able to recommend and stand behind a solution that provides fast and reliable backup and recovery. When clients say, ‘Downtime is not an option; how do we avoid it?’ my colleagues and I have to have full confidence in the backup solution we propose.”


GreenPages sells business solutions, not individual technology products.

“We pride ourselves on being experts in our field, and part of being an expert is going out into the marketplace and finding the best value for our clients,” Reily said. The technology must be reliable, affordable and work well with other technology.”

Once GreenPages recommends a virtualization platform and storage for a client, the next step is recommending the ideal solution for virtual machine (VM) backup and recovery. Some clients want to back up to a storage area network (SAN), while others want to back up to storage clouds. Clients also may need VM migration, monitoring and reporting.

“A very large and well-known company wanted to back up its virtualized environment,” Reily explained. “But there was more to the story. The company was also acquiring two organizations, so it needed to migrate their VMs to its datacenter, move some of the VMs to a colocation facility and keep track of its enlarged backup infrastructure.

“We were competing against two heavy-hitting consultants in our industry who had already convinced the company they had winning solutions. We told the company that Veeam Availability Suite had the value proposition and pricing that would change its mind. We demonstrated how Veeam could answer each of its business challenges.”


GreenPages won the client deal.

“We wouldn’t have won it without Veeam Availability Suite,” Reily said. “Veeam solutions tie all the components together in our virtualization designs. Veeam completes the virtualization story for our clients by answering each challenge they have now or anticipate having. Veeam gives them great insight into their virtual infrastructures and helps them understand the growth and overall health of their systems, making virtualization management transparent and straightforward.”

Veeam® Availability Suite™ combines backup, replication, recovery, monitoring, reporting and capacity planning in a single, affordable, easy-to-use solution. GreenPages creates modern IT environments for clients, and Veeam provides modern data protection.

“We believe Veeam offers one of the best backup solutions in the marketplace, which makes it a great fit for our client base and for the solutions we design,” Reily said. “Veeam is a fantastic answer to our clients’ main virtualization challenge: avoiding downtime. They can rest easy knowing their VMs are protected.”

Veeam helps GreenPages rest easy too. The IT team replaced its legacy backup tool with Veeam Backup & Replication™ to protect VMware vSphere VMs in the production environment. The legacy backup tool couldn’t support the newest version of vCenter Server.

“Veeam was the perfect solution for our needs,” said Brian Wyzykowski, Director of IT at GreenPages. “Veeam is intuitive, easy-to-use and gives us a comfort level we’ve never had before. Our team is small, so we don’t have time for solutions that require steep learning curves. Veeam is easy to install and operate, and it provides better visibility into our backup environment. Backups need to run without error, and recovery has to be fast and easy. Veeam ensures that for us. It provides value to our business.”

GreenPages uses Veeam to back up data center VMs onsite for quick recovery and to replicate VMs offsite for disaster recovery (DR).

“Veeam is so simple to use, and it gives me the toolset I need to recover files and items quickly,” said Anthony Cortese, Senior System Administrator at GreenPages. “For example, I restored a Microsoft Exchange mailbox containing 15,000 items in a very short time, enabling me to move on to other tasks. That speaks volumes for a small IT team. The learning curve with Veeam is minimal; there’s no guesswork involved. Veeam has been a godsend for us.”

Reilly said he tells clients they’ll experience the same benefits with Veeam as GreenPages: fast, reliable backup and quick recovery. “They can restore a VM from a backup in minutes; it doesn’t take hours as it did with their physical backup tools. Veeam is also agent-free, which saves time and headaches. Veeam continues to answer our customers’ business challenges and comes through in spades with performance.”


Helps GreenPages differentiate its solution with exceptional value at a low price point

Many of GreenPages’ clients use Veeam software to leverage their investment in virtualization, eliminate risk and save time and money.

Resolves clients’ main virtualization challenge: downtime

Whether GreenPages’ clients back up VMs locally or to the cloud, Veeam Backup & Replication protects their virtual environments with features such as Instant VM Recovery, granular file and application recovery, and VM replication.

Offers real-time monitoring and reporting for easy-to-use virtualization management

Veeam Availability Suite provides real-time monitoring and alerting, capacity planning, documentation and management reporting for VMware and Hyper-V. It offers GreenPages’ clients complete visibility of their backup and virtual environments and helps them ensure the performance and availability of the entire virtual environment.

GreenPages Technology Solutions
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GreenPages Technology Solutions is a consulting, engineering and integration organization that helps clients fully virtualize their IT environments and transform their datacenters and operations to leverage the power of cloud computing. GreenPages designs, builds and manages resilient IT infrastructures that support clients’ business goals.


GreenPages was frustrated with mainstream backup tools because they were expensive, unreliable and didn’t work well with other technology in its solution portfolio.


  • Helps GreenPages differentiate its solution with exceptional value at a low price point
  • Resolves clients’ main virtualization challenge: downtime
  • Offers real-time monitoring and reporting for easy-to-use virtualization management
GreenPages Technology Solutions
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
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