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HSC provides IT consulting and software design, development and testing services to original equipment manufacturers and service providers in the telecom, broadband, wireless and satellite sectors. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, HSC employs 550 people worldwide and is part of the EchoStar and HUGHES group of companies.


Slow backup and recovery combined with limited monitoring, reporting, capacity planning and visibility in the virtual environment impacted the IT team’s ability to respond to HSC’s needs fast enough, exposing the business to risk.


  • Improves response time to the business and mitigates risk
  • Reduces RTO by 88% and RPO by 50%
  • Delivers additional value to the business by saving $100,000 per year

The Business Challenge

Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) helps companies build applications better, faster and more cost-effectively. Clients range from Fortune 100 companies providing Tier 1 equipment and software to small and innovative startups with great ideas to change the world. HSC’s Infrastructure and Development Center (IDC), which is located in Gurgaon, India, supports all work delivered to clients. The IDC is home to 130 VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs).

“Our top business drivers in the IDC are delivering data availability and reducing risk exposure,” said Bhupinder Singh, IT Director at HSC. “Availability and risk exposure were also our top challenges.”

VM backup was so slow that HSC’s recovery point objective (RPO) was two business days. Restoring from tape could be slow as well. HSC’s recovery time objective (RTO) was eight hours.

“We weren’t responding to the business fast enough,” Singh said. “For example, when we moved our IT infrastructure from one data centre to another, we couldn’t restore one of the VMs. It contained all of the data and source code for one of our most critical client projects. We spent two days restoring the VM, which put the project on hold and our business at risk. The project team was about to miss the deadline. We felt ill-equipped to serve the business, and we don’t want to lose the respect of our colleagues.”

Legacy backup had additional limitations that impeded their ability to deliver data availability and reduce risk exposure for HSC.

“We couldn’t add VMs quickly enough to support the business because it took weeks to purchase host licenses from the backup vendor,” he explained. “We didn’t know when our backup storage was running low because we didn’t have full visibility into our virtual environment. Without full visibility, we couldn’t see problems fast enough to fix them before they might impact the business. Plus, monitoring, alerting and reporting were limited, so we couldn’t forecast resource usage for capacity planning. All of this affected our ability to ensure data availability, exposing the business to risk.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ and Veeam ONE™ help deliver data availability to HSC and reduce risk exposure to the business.

“We feel fully equipped to serve the business with Veeam,” Singh said. “Veeam is an integral part of our IT infrastructure, giving us the ability to respond to business needs quickly. We can’t imagine life without Veeam.”

Singh said if Veeam Backup & Replication had been deployed when HSC moved its data centre from one location to another, Instant VM Recovery® would have helped restore that critical VM in minutes, enabling the project team to meet its deadline.

Once Veeam was deployed, high-speed recovery features helped HSC decrease RTO by 88% (from eight hours to one hour) and RPO by 50% (from two business days to one business day). SureBackup® also contributed to lowering RTO and RPO by enabling HSC to automatically test the recoverability of every backup.

“SureBackup is beyond words,” Singh said. “In addition to helping deliver data availability, SureBackup saves us a tremendous amount of time. Before Veeam, one of our engineers spent 100% of his time verifying that backup jobs completed successfully each weekend. With SureBackup, he spends only 25% of his time on backup, freeing up 75% of his time to work on other data centre operations. Reallocating his time is the equivalent of $18,000 USD per annum.”

HSC saves additional money with Veeam. Built-in deduplication and compression conserve backup storage – 150TB of data becomes an 11TB backup, enabling a savings of $22,000 in backup storage each year. And, Veeam is licensed per host, not per VM like the legacy backup tool, saving HSC $10,000 in licensing costs each year.

Another Veeam solution contributes to data availability and savings. Veeam ONE complements Veeam Backup & Replication by providing advanced monitoring, alerting, reporting and capacity planning, giving HSC full visibility into its backup and virtual environments.

“Monitoring and alerting notify us about backup and performance issues, and we resolve them before they impact the business,” Singh said. “Capacity planning capabilities help us optimise resource optimisation. Before we deployed Veeam ONE, our typical capital expenditure was $50,000 every six months for resources in our virtual environment. Using Veeam ONE’s weekly and monthly usage reports, we cleaned up orphaned VMs, right sized CPU and memory allocation in VMs, and took care of oversized and undersized VMs. I can say with extreme confidence that Veeam ONE saved the business $50,000 in capex costs because we allocated resources more effectively and required no additional resources.”

Singh said he and his colleagues plan to do even more with Veeam. For instance, they will make backups and replicas from HP EVA storage snapshots as often as they want, with no impact on production, which will further reduce RPO. They’ll use Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots to gain instant visibility into backups so they can recover individual items in minutes, which will further reduce RTO. And, they plan to replicate VMs to a cloud repository with Veeam Cloud Connect, which is part of Veeam Backup & Replication. Not only will they gain a fast, secure cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solution, they’ll also avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure.

“The IT team is perceived in a new light because of Veeam,” Singh said. “We’ve earned back respect because we can respond much faster to the business, and we can do more with less, saving the business money.”

The Results

  • Improves response time to the business and mitigates risk
    “Veeam addresses every pain associated with backup and recovery, enabling us to respond to the business very quickly and reduce risk exposure,” Singh said. “Virtualisation and Veeam: They are made for each other.”
  • Reduces RTO by 88% and RPO by 50%
    “When employees ask us to restore files they accidentally deleted, we tell them they will have their data by the time they return to their desks,” Singh said. “You can’t quantify the smiles on their faces. They have an altogether different perception of IT now. We’re considered very efficient.”
  • Delivers additional value to the business by saving $100,000 per year
    “One of our responsibilities in IT is to look for ways to improve data centre processes while reducing associated costs,” Singh said. “Veeam delivers significant savings.”
Hughes Systique
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