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Founded in 2010 and based in Prague, Cloud4com is a leading cloud provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Cloud4com provides virtual private data center services for enterprise and medium-sized customers in government, telecommunications, financial services, construction, manufacturing and retail.

Cloud4com also offers hosted offsite backups for Veeam customers. Cloud4com is the 2015 Cisco Partner of the Year for cloud services in the Czech Republic and is a member of the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program.


Cloud4com’s backup tool could only back up and restore at the VM level, making file-level recovery an arduous and time-consuming process and granular recovery impossible. In addition, backup jobs had to be run manually rather than automatically, and there were issues with backup data inconsistency.


  • Broadens backup services portfolio
  • Attracts customers running VMs on premises
  • Simplifies and automates secure, offsite backup

Business Opportunity

Cloud4com was an established storage provider before becoming an infrastructure-hosting provider. Offering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) enabled Cloud4com to target a wider range of customers including large enterprise companies and government agencies. Business grew, but Cloud4com knew business would grow at a greater rate if it replaced its inflexible backup tool.


Cloud4com’s backup tool could only back up and restore at the virtual machine (VM) level, making file-level recovery difficult and granular recovery impossible. The backup tool had additional challenges.

“We had to run backup jobs manually — another time-consuming task, and there were issues with backup data inconsistency,” said Jaroslav Hulej, Sales Director at Cloud4com. “These challenges made it more difficult to advance the business.”

Cloud4com knew the best way to grow the business was by deploying a solution that allowed it to offer customers a large, flexible backup portfolio and competitive service level agreements (SLAs).


Cloud4com partnered with Veeam®, deployed Veeam Backup & Replication™ in its hosting infrastructure, broadened its backup service portfolio and attracted a new type of customer — companies that manage their own VMs on premises. They use Veeam to back up their VMs locally for fast, easy recovery and then copy backups to Cloud4com for retention and restore using Veeam Cloud Connect.

If companies running VMs themselves on prem haven’t yet implemented Veeam but want Cloud4com to host their offsite backups, Cloud4com serves as their IT consultant, parlaying its business relationships with resellers to get Veeam deployed on site.

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, is an example of this new type of Cloud4com customer. Cloud4com recommended Veeam for local backup and recovery and Veeam Cloud Connect for offsite backup. Schneider Electric used Virtix, Cloud4com’s web portal, to sign up for a hosted cloud repository. Because Cloud4com had integrated Virtix with its hosting infrastructure, cloud repositories are provisioned instantly.

“Veeam Cloud Connect makes it very easy for us to reach out to companies that haven’t moved their backup data to the cloud yet,” Hulej said. “Veeam Cloud Connect makes it very easy for them to realize offsite backup, and they don’t have to worry about limited bandwidth because WAN acceleration is built into Veeam.”

Cloud4com has a simple, straightforward pricing model. Cloud Connect customers simply pay for the amount of backup storage they consume. From a customer’s perspective, Cloud Connect provides an affordable, fully integrated, secure and efficient way to transfer backup data to Cloud4com. Customers avoid the upfront costs of building their own offsite infrastructures and the associated operational costs. They also achieve peace of mind knowing their backups are safely offsite. And, customers can recover from a local failure directly from their cloud repositories. They can browse and restore entire VMs, parts of VMs or individual items from their cloud backups.

Veeam-based backup and recovery also plays a major role in Cloud4com’s Cisco UCS infrastructure, which hosts 500 VMware vSphere VMs for companies such as ADASTRA, an international business consulting firm, HP Enterprise and Yeseter Now, which specialises in customer relationship management.

These Cloud4com’s customers use the Virtix portal as well. They choose vBackup for a local backup and/or Remote vBackup for a backup in a second data center. Their cost is determined by the frequency, retention and storage consumed by backups. The recovery time objectives (RTOs) for vBackup and Remote vBackup are 8 hours and 24 hours respectively. The recovery point objective (RPO) for vBackup and Remote vBackup is the same: 24 hours, with 30 days of retention.

Cloud4com also offers Veeam-based backup and recovery to select service providers through a white-labeled service. Service providers use Virtix to provision, customize and deliver cloud services branded as their own to their customers.

Cloud4com uses Veeam one more way: to back up and recover its own VMs.

“Veeam simplified and automated backup for us and our customers,” Hulej said. “We successfully differentiated ourselves from competitors by offering flexible, affordable backup options and competitive SLAs, and we set ourselves up for additional growth by making our infrastructure an easy target for Veeam backup.”


Broadens backup services portfolio
To grow the business Cloud4com replaced the inflexible backup tool in its hosting infrastructure with Veeam Backup & Replication. Flexible backup offerings are accompanied by competitive SLAs.

Attracts customers with on-prem VMs
In addition to providing backup to it hosting customers, Cloud4com provides convenient, affordable offsite backup to companies that manage their own VMs on premises. If they haven’t deployed Veeam, Cloud4com serves as their IT consultant and uses relationships with resellers to get Veeam deployed at their sites.

Simplifies and automates secure, offsite backup
Cloud4com helps Veeam customers get their backup data offsite without the cost and complexity of managing their own offsite infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect gives them a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up to the cloud. They point their backup copy jobs to Cloud4com and use Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration in cases of limited bandwidth.

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