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International Data Restoration and Computer Forensics Firm Relies on Veeam Backup & Replication to Protect All Critical Applications and Client Data

The Business Challenge

Before eMag Solutions implemented Veeam Backup & Replication, the company’s email system was hosted and supported by British Telecom (BT). That arrangement worked well until eMag became heavily involved with forensic auditing firms, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Most of the work eMag does for each client is confidential. For example, the company’s associates work with attorneys and auditors on legal cases, and they serve as expert witnesses during criminal proceedings.

Clients require 100 percent assurance that all IT functions, including email exchange, are secure and reliable. Since eMag didn’t have direct control over BT’s administration, backup, or recovery of its email system, eMag began to view this hosting situation as a business risk.

“That issue, coupled with the rising cost of the hosting package, was motivation to consider a new email paradigm,” explained Simon Parry, eDiscovery Consultant and Technology Manager for eMag Solutions. “Clearly, we needed to move email in-house and safeguard it with an enterprise-level data protection solution.” Simon and his team turned to Recarta IT, one of the UK’s fastest growing IT solutions specialists, which recommended Veeam Backup & Replication for eMag Solutions.

The Veeam Solution

Simon and his colleagues moved Microsoft Exchange to their datacenter, installed it on a VMware infrastructure, and implemented Veeam Backup & Replication.

“Now the Microsoft Exchange virtual machine is backed up and replicated each night with Veeam,” Simon said. “We know the data is safe, secure, and recoverable.” That isn’t the only critical system at eMag Solutions that is protected by Veeam Backup & Replication. In fact, eMag replaced its traditional, physical backup procedure with Veeam.

“Veeam protects our critical applications more quickly, efficiently, and reliably,” he added. “One particular backup process took up to six hours to complete with the previous solution. Now it takes one hour with Veeam.”

File-level recovery speed has increased too. “Retrieving a mid-sized file, say 5 GB, could take three hours with the previous solution,” he added. “That included tape retrieval, tape inventory, tape mounting, and then the restore. A test restore of the Exchange server at 170 GB took less than one hour with Veeam. And, a recovery of single mailbox took less than 15 minutes. That is awesomely quick data protection.” Now Veeam protects every part of eMag’s business. “Since we often recreate and recover data from a variety of mail sources or network environments, we developed a comprehensive ‘library’ of networked virtual machines that give us extensive flexibility when searching for data. Veeam protects this entire library, as well as two Active Directory domains containing virtual machines that support the core of our everyday business functions.”

The Results

Provides unparalleled data protection
When eMag Solutions relied on a hosted Microsoft Exchange server, the company’s IT team didn’t know who had physical or administrative access to confidential email. The team also didn’t know if the data was backed up nightly or if backups were successful. That uncertainty has been removed with the installation of Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam’s SureBackup™ recovery verification automatically verifies the recoverability of every backup of every virtual machine, every time.

Protects most important business asset: clients’ data
With Veeam Backup & Replication, eMag’s IT team knows it is doing everything possible to protect the company’s most important business asset: clients’ data. And clients are assured their data remains confidential, secure, and recoverable.

Increases backup and file-level recovery speeds
A traditional, physical backup process used to take up to six hours with a previous solution; now it takes one hour with Veeam. In the past, retrieving a 5 GB file took eMag’s IT team three hours, but with Veeam, a test restore of the company’s Microsoft Exchange server (170 GB) took less than one hour

eMag Solutions Ltd
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eMag Solutions is an international organization that provides proactive and reactive e-discovery and data management solutions for litigation, regulatory, and compliance purposes. Key offerings include data restoration, data recovery, data conversion, electronic discovery, e-mail processing, and computer forensics.


Move email system in-house and safeguard it with an enterpriselevel data protection solution.


  • Provides unparalleled data protection
  • Protects most important business asset: clients’ data
  • Increases backup and file-level recovery speeds

About Recarta IT:

Since its management buyout in 2008, Recarta IT has established itself as a Premier UK consolidation and virtualization specialist by adopting the best products in the high-end server and storage marketplace. Over the past 12 months, Recarta IT has gone from strength to strength in designing, delivering, and implementing complex server and storage solutions for numerous customers covering a wide range of industry sectors. Recarta’s ability to grow revenues by 500 percent, as well as becoming an IBM Premier Business Partner, Citrix Silver Partner, VMware Professional, and Veeam Gold Partner endorses the fact that it is one of the UK’s fastest growing IT resellers
eMag Solutions Ltd
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