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Kraš Sweetens VMware Monitoring and Management with Veeam MP

The Business Challenge

Kraš has a fairly large VMware vSphere environment containing virtualized servers and desktops. Ninety percent of the 240 virtual machines (VMs) run business critical applications including Microsoft Exchange and SQL, and the remaining 10% run desktops for 2,000 users.

Kraš was unhappy with its monitoring tools for the virtual environment. One of the tools didn’t provide the level of detail Kraš needed to identify and resolve issues quickly. Another tool didn’t alert Kraš before datastores for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server ran low.

Kraš uses Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to monitor its physical environment. The obvious solution was to extend System Center to the virtual environment.

“We wanted a clear view of the entire IT infrastructure in SCOM—both physical and virtual,” said Goran Zadravec, Technical Team Manager at Kraš. “We needed deep visibility and detailed reporting so we could identify the root cause of an issue and respond quickly before it became a problem. We were inside of our SLA, but it wasn’t always easy to stay there.

“There was only one solution that could solve our problems—Veeam Management Pack,” Zadravec continued. “And nothing else can compete with it.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Management Pack™ (MP) extends System Center for application-to-metal visibility of VMware, giving Kraš the complete picture of its entire IT infrastructure.

Veeam MP provides deep vSphere monitoring/alerting, management, reporting and topology views in System Center, enabling Kraš to identify relationships and dependencies among hardware, physical hosts, VMs, applications and services. For example, when users complained that applications were running slowly, Veeam MP helped the IT team quickly find the cause and improve service.

“Without the end-to-end visibility you get with Veeam MP, that kind of issue is complex and time-consuming to resolve,” Zadravec explained. “The cause can be almost anything—CPU, memory or storage. When we opened a Veeam dashboard we realized the problem was with one of the virtual desktop hosts. We saw a fully saturated network adapter, so we migrated all users from the problematic host to other hosts while we looked for the root cause, which was dropped packets.

“Before Veeam MP, troubleshooting could take an hour or more,” Zadravec continued. “We had to open each monitoring console and look for the issue. “With Veeam MP, we identify and resolve an issue quickly because we have a clear view of the virtual and physical environments. We solve problems at least 10 times faster with Veeam and save two to three hours a week.”

Veeam MP enables faster root-to-cause analysis with compute, storage and network topology maps that let Kraš quickly browse relationships and dependencies among critical applications (such as Exchange and SQL), services and supporting infrastructures (virtual and physical). Kraš can link from a topology view directly to real-time dashboards and monitor key metrics, such as latency, provisioning and utilization.

For example, with Veeam MP Kraš doesn’t worry about datastores running low for Exchange and SQL. Veeam MP monitors the IIS logs in Exchange and SQL and sends an alert when storage capacity reaches a certain threshold.

Another way Veeam MP enables faster root-to-case analysis is through performance analytics. Veeam MP analyzes historical trends, identifies over-committed resources and offers flexible what-if modeling. Real-time datastore I/O counters are incorporated in threshold analysis and resource provisioning recommendations, resulting in practical real-world perspectives that take both resource availability and resource performance into consideration. With a clear picture of current and forecasted utilization, Kraš can avoid service slowdowns.

“With Veeam MP we are faster, more proactive in resolving issues and have extra time for other data center activities. Meeting SLAs is much easier now. Veeam MP is definitely a good investment for companies that use SCOM.”

The Results

Unified view of physical and virtual infrastructures on a single console
Veeam MP extends System Center with deep VMware monitoring, reporting and capacity planning, giving Kraš a unified view of its virtual and physical infrastructures and applications. Veeam MP integrates fully with VMware and System Center, enabling all System Center functionality—including alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses and automation—for all VMware components, including vCenter Server, clusters, hosts, VMs, storage and hardware.

Deep monitoring and reporting of virtual environment for fast troubleshooting
Veeam MP delivers critical monitoring data to Kraš including alerts to performance issues so the IT team can identify and resolve issues before they affect applications and users. Dashboards for performance analysis allow companies to drill down to related performance and alerting history and quickly locate an issue to find its root cause.

Capacity planning reports increase data center efficiencies
Veeam MP provides multiple capacity planning reports for VMware, built directly in System Center, that let companies examine trends, perform what-if modeling and proactively reallocate virtual resources to optimize the VMware environment.

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Legacy monitoring tools didn’t provide the information required to identify and resolve issues in the VMware environment, such as datastore capacity running low for Microsoft Exchange and SQL.


  • Unified view of physical and virtual infrastructures from a single console
  • Deep monitoring and reporting of virtual environment for fast troubleshooting
  • Capacity planning reports increase data center efficiencies
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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