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Leading Malaysian Web Hosting Services Provider Ensures 99.99 Percent Availability for Client Data with Veeam Backup & Replication

The Business Challenge

Founded in 2003 and located in Kuala Lumpur, IPServerOne specializes in providing a comprehensive array of web hosting products and services to organizations requiring secure, high-performance and high-availability converged network and Internet connectivity solutions. The company’s offerings range from domain registrations, domain hosting, shared web hosting, and virtual private servers to dedicated server hosting services and bespoke hosting solutions for small and enterprise-sized customers.

That’s one reason why IPServerOne virtualized almost 90 percent of its shared hosted services. Not only has virtualization improved the efficiency and availability of its clients’ resources, but it has also reduced IPServerOne’s capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware. The environment includes a mixture of Windows and Linux operating systems and approximately 30 virtual servers.

Lee Cheung Loong, IPServerOne’s System Consultant, explained, “We have evaluated a few solutions, particularly replication, but they didn’t perform the way they claimed to, or they just took too long to complete and were too expensive.” Since IPServerOne needed a reliable VMware recovery solution that offers scalability, replication functionality, and ease of use, Lee and his team identified Veeam Backup & Replication as a viable solution. IPServerOne began working with eHoB Technology Sdn. Bhd., one of Malaysia’s leading virtualization IT systems integrators, and Dennis W.H. Tio, eHoB’s Product Manager, to learn more.

The Veeam Solution

IPServerOne evaluated several VMware recovery solutions but chose Veeam Backup & Replication for its technology, performance, replication functionality, lower overhead, and superior flexibility.

With more than 150 terabytes of data and a complex, heterogeneous hardware and software environment, IPServerOne must ensure its clients’ data is protected and highly available. Veeam helps IPServerOne maintain backup and replication success rates of more than 99.99 percent.

Veeam’s replication capability is an important feature for IPServerOne. The company needed a robust and reliable solution that backed up and replicated an entire virtual infrastructure environment to server storage. With an average of 7 terabytes per vSphere server hosting four to five virtual machines, traditional backup would have taken too much time, the restore process would have been very slow, and IPServerOne certainly couldn’t afford a huge window of unplanned downtime.

In addition, if the backup failed, service level agreements (SLAs) would be affected, which is very costly. “Since we serve external customers, SLAs are particularly important to us. At the end of the day, our customers should be absolutely satisfied,” Lee said.

Before implementing Veeam Backup & Replication, IPServerOne used another backup product. However, each backup or replication cost an additional 28 percent of time because of fallout from failed backups. “Now that we use Veeam, we no longer have to waste time (half a day) repeating failed backups and restores. What once took six hours to back up a single virtual machine now takes about 30 minutes,” Lee added.

Lee said another big plus for Veeam Backup & Replication is its support of VMware vSphere 4.0 vStorage API. “This is a great combination and jives without any hiccups.”

Lee also stressed that another key requirement was cost. “Our goal was to find a cost-effective solution that was also straightforward and easy to manage. Several of the products we tested were costly, cumbersome, and provided poor usability. Veeam has a good, user-friendly graphical interface.”

The Benefits

Robust replication functionality enables restoration of virtual machines in minutes, not hours
With just a few clicks, Lee and his team can have a virtual machine back in place and working in minutes. This took six to eight hours in the past. Now they can power up the replicated virtual machine to the latest state, which is extremely important in the event of a disaster. Therefore, Veeam helps IPServerOne meet SLA commitments to its customers.

Increases backup speed by 90 percent
With Veeam Backup & Replication, Lee and his team can now back up a virtual machine in 30 minutes, thanks to Veeam’s deduplication technology. It used to take five to six hours with the previous backup product.

File-level recovery is fast and simple
File-level recovery used to take hours with the previous product as well, but now it takes nearly no time with Veeam. Lee can restore individual files from image-level backups in seconds, without having to extract the full virtual machine image to his local drive. The process is now virtually instantaneous.

Reduces storage costs from 1:1 to N:1 ratio
IPServerOne managed to avoid implementing storage clustering within its virtual infrastructure environment. Instead of backing up each VMware vSphere host to an individual direct attached storage (1:1), now the company uses Veeam Backup & Replication to replicate many VMware vSphere host servers to single and centralized server storage.

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IPServerOne provides web hosting products and services to some of Malaysia’s largest companies.


Obtain a backup solution for a virtualized environment that is easy to implement and operate and will guarantee fast recovery times for clients


  • Robust replication functionality enables restoration of virtual machines in minutes, not hours
  • Increases backup speed by 90 percent
  • File-level recovery is fast and simple
  • Reduces storage costs from 1:1 to N:1 ratio

About eHoB Technology:

eHoB Technology was established in October 2001 by a team of individuals with more than 60 years of combined IT experience. With a core focus on virtualization, the company works closely with application providers and has achieved an in-depth understanding of the importance of software integration when implementing virtualization solutions. eHoB partners with multiple providers, including VMware, Citrix, and ThinPrint. For more information visit
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
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