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MUSA Technology Partners is a managed services and hosting provider with specific expertise in the highly regulated Life Sciences industry. The company offers managed disaster recovery solutions that include offsite backup and replication for business-critical virtual systems, applications and data. For companies that must maintain regulatory compliance, MUSA’s Validated Cloud, governed by FDA quality system requirements, provides a fully qualified environment for compliance-critical managed backup and replication as well as offsite failover.


MUSA Technology Partners, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has two datacenters in the metro-Boston area and an additional site in San Jose, California. MUSA’s three locations support multiple disaster recovery regions and enable clients throughout North America to leverage MUSA’s solutions to maintain business continuity. As MUSA continues to enjoy steady growth, its IT infrastructure has also expanded which necessitated the need for reliable and consistent backups, as well as disaster recovery capabilities. As a long-time enterprise partner of VMware, MUSA is familiar with most of the technologies on the market. Internally, MUSA unanimously concluded that Veeam® Backup & Replication™ offered the solution it needed.

“We initially installed Veeam Backup & Replication to back up our datacenters, and it worked so well that we began to discuss ways that we could leverage it to support our hosting platform,” said Douglas Lantigua, Principal and Co-founder of MUSA. “From that conversation emerged the genesis of our managed disaster recovery solutions. The rational was simple: if it works this well for us, it surely has the potential to add value for our customers. We can back up their hosted as well as onsite systems to our locations and offer Veeam as a service.”

One of the challenges that MUSA faced was building a service structure that provided backup, replication and failover solutions that aligned with the industry’s disaster recovery best practices for business-critical continuance and could also meet the stringent compliance-bound needs of MUSA’s Life Science clients. Those clients, governed by rigid FDA regulations, are required to back up their data regularly and must retain all research information (such as clinical trials and production data) for a number of years. In addition, FDA regulations require that all companies have a disaster recovery plan in place for their validated applications.

“We came up with a two-pronged approach. For our stakeholders within Biotechnology, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies that operate under very strict FDA guidelines, we have MUSA’s Validated Cloud,” Lantigua explained. “For everyone else, we have a separate environment that isn’t governed by the relatively strict change-control processes. It made sense for us to use our FDA-compliant platform to offer a solution that includes both backup and disaster-recovery capabilities for our clients within regulated industries and a lower-cost solution for other industries that aren’t concerned with computer system validation.”

But that was easier said than done. “Due to stringent change-control processes and quality-system regulations, we can’t just add a new technology and be done with it,” Lantigua continued. “We have to collect data, run risk analyses and document our ability to support the solution. There are mountains of paperwork involved. It took us nearly a year to develop a validated disaster recovery solution, but we’re now pleased to promote all of our disaster recovery services to all of our clients, regardless of their industry. In our suite of disaster recovery services, Veeam is a key component. After the gauntlet through which we run all of our solutions, we’re pleased to announce that Veeam exceeded our expectations. It became clear to us why Veeam has won 21 of the most prestigious awards in virtualization.”

Veeam Software: Support from Start to Finish

MUSA’s decision to partner with Veeam was an easy one. “We always look for innovative companies, and choose partners that offer cutting-edge technologies,” Lantigua said. “Veeam has, hands down, the best technology on the market for data protection. We know we can rely on Veeam.”

Veeam Backup & Replication offers both effective backup and disaster recovery in one simple, easy-to-use solution. Lantigua added, “In our industry, since backup and disaster recovery are mandated, the fact that we can do both with one multi-purpose tool is a huge asset. Veeam is easy to install and run; it just simplifies the virtual environment.”

MUSA now offers clients full, daily backups that are much more efficient and consistent. “Before Veeam was available, many of our clients used tape backups or other, less efficient, backup tools,” Lantigua said. “There was just no easy way to recover data quickly and completely should their systems fail. Veeam changed all of that.”

Thanks to Veeam’s quick recovery capabilities, full VM restores take minutes, and an entire VM or an individual file can be recovered quickly from the same image-level backup. The near-continuous data protection offered by Veeam Backup & Replication means that changes can be captured and VM images updated as often as every few minutes for on-site and off-site replication. “With Veeam in place, our customers have confidence that their data is protected. This is critical to the business that they’re in,” Lantigua said.

“Our partnership with Veeam has allowed us to support a platform we’ve designed— our Validated Cloud solution—and confidently offer it externally as a service.” Lantigua concluded, “This has increased our reach and has become a competitive differentiator for us. We help our clients meet their regulatory requirements by ensuring secure, reliable and continuous data protection.”

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