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Small Business Chooses Veeam Backup Essentials to Protect Hyper-V


As part of the Document House Group, EPL is responsible for the company’s IT environment. The Document House Group helps organisations throughout the Netherlands with all facets of document workflow. This includes meeting their printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs through the implementation of high-end printers and multifunctional peripheral devices, as well as providing software solutions for their digital document workflow. The Document House Group also delivers supplies and services to end users. In addition to its central office in Apeldoorn, EPL has offices in Eindhoven, Alkmaar and Maastrich.


  • EPL wasn’t confident that its VMs had backed up successfully and could be recovered.
  • With limited monitoring and reporting, EPL couldn’t be proactive in issue resolution.


  • Verifies the recoverability of every backup, every time
  • Provides complete visibility into Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server on Hyper-V to find and fix issues fast
  • Designed and priced for small businesses with growth and cloud in mind

About Tweeweg IT:

Tweeweg IT translates to Two-way IT, which is exactly how the firm differentiates itself from other computing consultants in the Netherlands. Before designing, delivering and managing solutions for a client, Tweeweg IT immerses itself in a client’s environment to create a two-way dialogue. Effective two-way communication results in a mutual alignment of IT goals and, most important, trust. Tweeweg IT provides many solutions for efficient and effective IT including virtualisation, cloud computing and infrastructure management.

The Business Challenge

EPL needed a better way to protect and manage its small virtual environment containing two Microsoft Hyper-V servers and 30 virtual machines (VMs). When a VM running Microsoft SQL Server failed, EPL spent hours trying to recover the VM and the mission-critical application in it. At that time, the company relied on a manual backup and recovery process that was tedious and time-consuming. EPL never knew if VMs had backed up successfully and could be recovered.

EPL also needed better monitoring and reporting in its virtual environment. Without complete visibility into the virtual and backup infrastructures, EPL couldn’t identify and resolve incidents quickly. Without capacity planning, EPL had no way to ensure optimal performance and availability in the virtual environment.

Following some preliminary online research, which included reading peer reviews of backup solutions, Paul Schoonderwoert, IT Manager at EPL, downloaded a free trial of Veeam® Backup Essentials™. For additional advice he contacted Tweeweg IT, a consulting firm known for delivering exemplary and economical computing solutions. Jeroen Voogd, Account Manager at Tweeweg IT, told Schoonderwoert there is only one powerful, easy-to-use and affordable data protection and virtualisation management solution for small companies, and Schoonderwoert had found it.

The Veeam Solution

Veeam Backup Essentials provides backup, recovery and replication as well as monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere environments of 2, 4 o 6 sockets.

“I didn’t look any further than Veeam Backup Essentials because it provides solutions to all of our problems,” Schoonderwoert said. “With Veeam, backup is 100% automated, so it’s fast and easy. Recovery is quick too. Managing the virtual environment is completely different with Veeam—we’re proactive in resolving issues, not reactive.”

Shortly after Veeam Backup Essentials was deployed, EPL recovered three failed VMs in minutes, with no disruption to users. Before Veeam, recovering those same VMs would have taken hours, and users would have been annoyed by the interruption. Veeam was helpful again when a user mistakenly deleted one of his Microsoft Outlook folders. EPL used a feature called Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange to gain visibility into the Exchange backup. EPL exported the folder directly from the backup and emailed it to the user.

Another recovery feature in Veeam that would have been ideal when EPL needed to restore that mission-critical application running in the failed SQL VM is U-AIR® (Universal Application Item Recovery). It provides fast and easy recovery for individual objects from any virtualised application.

“We recommend Veeam Backup Essentials to all of our small clients with virtualised environments because it offers fast backup and recovery at an affordable price,” Voogd said. “Veeam also offers something other backup tools do not: peace of mind through verifiable recovery of every backup.” SureBackup® automatically verifies the recoverability of Veeam backups by testing them in an isolated environment called a Virtual Lab. The Virtual Lab can also be used for testing software updates, troubleshooting and training—all without affecting the production environment.

“Another reason we recommend Veeam Backup Essentials to small companies is because Veeam addresses their virtualisation management needs,” Voogd continued. “For instance, Veeam gives EPL visibility into its virtual and backup infrastructures to resolve issues proactively, not reactively.” Veeam Backup Essentials also provides EPL with monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for its backup and virtual infrastructures.

“Veeam reports help me identify unprotected VMs and track the status of backup jobs,” Schoonderwoert said. The alert dashboard gives me an overview of what is going on with clusters, hosts and datastores. I also use Veeam’s capacity planning features for what-if modeling and to predict when a repository is low on disk space. Backup repository requirements were hard to predict before Veeam.”

The Results

Verifies the recoverability of every backup, every time
Veeam Backup Essentials is the complete opposite of EPL’s manual backup process. Backup with Veeam is 100% automated. Every morning, EPL receives a VM backup status report via email. Veeam also verifies the recoverability of every backup every time, so EPL has full confidence that its backups are 100% recoverable.

Provides complete visibility into Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server on Hyper-V to find and fix issues fast
With Veeam Backup Essentials, EPL has visibility into both the Hyper-V infrastructure and the backup infrastructure, enabling the company to proactively resolve issues within mission critical systems before they become problems. Other features include automatically triggered data collection, prebuilt alarms, dashboards and reports, as well as an extensive knowledge base.

Designed and priced for small businesses with growth and cloud in mind
Veeam Backup Essentials delivers data protection and virtualisation management in an affordable package for 2, 4 or 6 sockets. If EPL’s virtual infrastructure grows beyond 6 sockets, the company can upgrade to Veeam Backup Management Suite™. And, if EPL wants to leverage the cloud, Veeam Backup Essentials and Veeam Backup Management Suite are offered in a Cloud Edition that lets companies automatically store backup copies with one of more than 15 public storage clouds, making offsite storage of backups easy.

Document House Group, EPL
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