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Stichting Make a Wish Nederland


Founded in 1989, Make-A-Wish Netherlands grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish Netherlands is affiliated with the Make-A-Wish


Find a fast, reliable and easy-to-use backup solution for a new virtual environment.


  • Comprehensive virtualizationspecific backup solution safeguards VMs and their data
  • Fast, reliable VM backup and automated recovery verification free staff to focus on mission
  • Quick VM recovery meets organization’s RTOs

About NedPortal:

Based in Barendrecht since 2004, NedPortal is a full-service IT provider. The company offers network infrastructure solutions that deliver optimal performance, high availability and business value to its clients. NedPortal’s services include consultancy on network design, ROI/TCO calculations, software selection and cloud services. For more information, go to

The Business Challenge

Make-A-Wish Netherlands has granted more than 4,000 wishes for ill children since it began in 1989. Thirty employees and hundreds of volunteers and partners rely on the IT infrastructure to support their efforts in fulfilling wishes.

“Our true focus is on the children, not IT,” said Alie Snel, Office Manager for Make- A-Wish Netherlands. “Our goal is to bring them hope, strength and joy, but we also know we need a powerful IT infrastructure to keep the organization going strong. That’s why we asked NedPortal to propose a more efficient IT environment.”

NedPortal is a full-service IT provider that designs and implements network infrastructure solutions for small and medium enterprises. The company prides itself on making IT predictable and stable so that it requires minimal attention.

“The best option for Make-A-Wish was to virtualize its physical server environment,” said Nico Scheppink, Project Manager for NedPortal. “The organization is growing rapidly, which means a greater number of employees, partners and volunteers rely on the organization’s IT infrastructure for their data and communication needs. Make-A-Wish also plans to add a customer relationship management system, which will add even more critical data that must be protected. We replaced the organization’s physical servers with a VMware environment and deployed Veeam for data protection and disaster recovery.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is built specifically for virtual environments to provide fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. It protects virtual machines (VMs) and their data at Make-A-Wish, saves time and helps the staff meet disaster recovery objectives. “We’re able to focus on the Make-A-Wish mission,” Snel said. “IT, for the most part, takes care of itself, and if we have questions or concerns, NedPortal is always ready to help us.”

Before Make-A-Wish deployed Veeam Backup & Replication, backing up physical servers to tape took seven hours and restoring a server took days. With Veeam, backing up VMs to network-attached storage (NAS) takes less than two hours and recovering a VM takes minutes.

“If it were up to us, all of our clients would use Veeam,” said Sebastiaan Doetjes, Senior IT Consultant for NedPortal. “Veeam is the best choice for several reasons. It’s fast, easy to use and helps organizations meet critical recovery objectives.”

Veeam Backup & Replication takes data protection to a new level. Its vPower™ technology runs a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file on regular backup storage. IT administrators can start a VM from a backup in a production environment or in an isolated Virtual Lab that Veeam automatically creates and manages for them.

vPower enables two key capabilities for Make-A-Wish: Instant VM Recovery, which lets the staff recover an entire VM from a backup in minutes to meet recovery time objectives (RTOs), and SureBackup™, which automatically verifies the recoverability of every backup, every time.

“NedPortal’s recommendations of virtualization and Veeam were perfect for Make- A-Wish,” Snel said. “We know that our IT infrastructure is efficient and our disaster recovery strategies are intact, which frees us to focus on granting wishes of sick children.”

The Results

Comprehensive VM backup solution safeguards VMs and their data
The IT infrastructure at Make-A-Wish Netherlands supports email, a Web portal and video conferencing so employees and volunteers can recruit sponsors and donors, maintain relationships with partners and coordinate wish fulfillment plans. With virtualization and Veeam Backup & Replication, the staff knows its virtualized applications and data are safe and recoverable in case of emergency.

Fast, reliable VM backup and automated recovery verification free staff to focus on mission
With Veeam Backup & Replication, VM backup at Make-A-Wish is 71% faster than its previous process of backing up physical servers to tape. And, Veeam’s SureBackup automatically verifies the recoverability of each backup, alleviating worry and enabling the staff to focus on its mission of granting wishes.

Quick VM recovery meets organization’s RTOs
Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery lets the Make-A-Wish staff recover a VM from a backup in minutes and meet its RTOs. “It’s impossible to recover an entire physical server in minutes; instead it takes days,” Doetjes said. “Virtualization and Veeam were the obvious choices for Make-A-Wish.”

Stichting Make a Wish Nederland
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