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Altshuler Shaham investment house is one of the leading investment houses in the Israeli capital market. Altshuler was established in 1990. The investment house manages investment portfolios, provident funds, education funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance and savings of NIS 63 billion (USD 17 billions), for thousands of satisfied and loyal customers. The investment house is characterized by constant innovation, professional, ethical and uncompromising excellence and on the top of that great decisionmaking skills at the right moment. Altshuler Shacham has about 500 employees and provides services to tens of thousands of customers.


The need for a new and reliable Availability solution has aroused while Altshuler experienced increase in data and in number of hosts (17) and number of virtual servers (89) spread between 2 Data Centers. On top of that, the threat of cyber attacks or even bombs made Altshuler Shaham realize the need the for a reliable solution that provides full Availability for all data and applications, with shorter recovery time, alongside backup capabilities that can operate in a narrow time window and in accordance with the company needs.


  • Ensures full data availability 24.7.365 while meeting the constraints of the company in refers to backup time windows
  • Contributes to economic efficiency and helps Altshuler Shaham to save millions of dollars
  • Maintains and reinforces the company’s reputation as a leading investment house

The Business Challenge

As a leading investment house that takes care of investments of tens of thousands of customers and is responsible, at the least, to keep the investments current value or, even better, to enhance its value - data availability became a very crucial concern for Altshuler Shaham and its’ infrastructure manager. The need for a new and reliable backup solution has aroused with the company growth, the increase in the number of customers and the substantial increase in Data.

Besides this challenge Altshuler has confronted another challenge: to find an Availability solution which performs comprehensive backups, quickly and secured, without damaging the company’s ongoing activity and in between narrow time windows, according to the company constraints with many processes running on systems, even at night.

“The backups performed by a traditional legacy solution, which we have used in the past, cost us too many resources, in time and money. We were required to perform recurrent procedures, of recovery of information and yet important information was lost on the way,” says Moshe Haddad, CEO of My Network, a business partner of Veeam, which serves as the Infrastructure Director of Altshuler Shaham, in the past 15 years. “As soon as the trend of cyber attacks aroused we saw that the computing infrastructure of more and more organizations is attacked and experiences damage. Thus, we realized that alongside a good cyber security protecting solution we need a solution that can help easily to get the access to the data and to avoid data loss with full availability 24.7.365 and with short recovery time (RPOs and RTOs).”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam supports the increase in number of customers, alongside the great increase in Data. With the increase in the number of servers which currently stands at 17 hosts, and 89 virtual servers, spread between two data centers, located in Tel Aviv and Rosh Haain, Veeam helps Altshuler Shaham to enhance the trust and confidence of the customers in the company.

Haddad studied various availability solutions among variety of clients. «After a month of pilots I understood why all my colleagues recommend Veeam.» Altshuler Shaham acquired Veeam® Availability Suite™ from Zebra, one of the leading distributors in Israel. The implementation took three months with no problems in the transition process. «Veeam reshuffled the cards for us and allowed us to upgrade from traditional backup services to full, high quality, availability services with 100% data recovery success,» says Haddad. With the launch of version 9, at the beginning of 2016, Altshuler Shaham rushed to upgrade the solution and the IT department carried out the upgrade on its own, easily, and at no extra cost.

The capabilities of Veeam Availability Suite boosted Altshuler Shaham years ahead. While in the past, it took the company to recover a single server for two days, today it does so in five minutes with improvement of 99.8% in performance. General backup times improved by 90%. In the past, the backup volume reached 4,5 terabytes and today they constitute 50 terabytes, enabling to back up operating systems, for example, which previously had not backed up because of the lack of volume. Also features like deduplication and compression helped put the company plenty of storage space and in the long run, save the company millions of dollars .

«One of the features I like about Veeam is the ability to recover data at the touch of a single button. In addition, features such as restoring individual objects from the Active Directory (user management), in less than 5 minutes, the recovery of the SQL tables, or quick establishment of tests environments, by recovering the data to a new server- streamlining the work of the IT department considerably. All this alongside data recovery and restore (RTOs and RPOs) shorter than 15 minutes, streamline the work processes of the company’s employees and translated, in the bottom line , to economic efficiency.»

Veeam gave Altshuler the ability to set short periods of time between backups, so in practice each backup process consumes fewer resources from the core systems and can run in parallel to the ongoing activity of the organization. «Veeam solution can study the backup time of each server and thus, some of the servers I back up once a day and others six times a day, according to the company needs.»

Unlike competing solutions that require the use of agents for any purpose, Veeam was born to virtualization and it is agentless. The solution is simple and easy to operate, can be connected to from your own PC and it’s very easy to upgrade to new versions. The efficient and lean structure is reflected in time and manpower saving and actually saves Altshuler Shaham 240 to 360 hours per year of a system man, which usually is responsible for managing backups and restores. Veeam also saves the company 45% in costs thanks to the business model that gives permission to any server, regardless of the number of VMs installed on it, as opposed to a past legacy provider.

The importance of full availability of information 24.7.365 and of quick and secure recovery and retrieval capabilities, is much greater when it comes to a financial company. Altshuler Shaham can’t afford to lose information or hinder recovery and retrieval of information and Veeam helps it to maintain its reputation as one of the leading investment house in Israel. «Mostly it gives peace of mind to management and employees, as everyone knows that if an emergency event occurs we can always be able to extract backuped information, quickly and fully,» Haddad said, smiling.

The Results

  • Veeam ensures full data availability 24/7/365 while meeting the constraints of the company’s backup times
    Veeam offers recovery and replication times (RTOs and RPOs) under 15 minutes, offering Altshuler Shaham 24.7.365 Availability.
    While talking about a financial institution like an investment house this ability is of decisive importance for both, customers and employees.
    Veeam allowed Altshuler set short periods of time between backups so that in practice each backup consumes less resources from the core systems and exists alongside them. This capability also supports the capability of Altshuler to preform full availability.
  • Veeam contributes to the economic and operational efficiency of the company
    Operational efficiency, which translates immediately into economic efficiency, reflected in various ways. Recovery duration of a single server has been reduced from two days to 5 minutes, backup times improved by 90%, the backup volume increased by 10 times and features like deduplication and compression contributed to a substantial increase in storage. The operation itself saves the company 240 to 360 hours per year of one system employee, and the business model that gives permission to any server, regardless of the number of VMs installed on it, saving the company approximately 45% of the costs.
  • Veeam maintains and reinforces the company’s reputation one of Israel’s leading investment houses
    The importance of full availability 24/7/365 with quick and secure recovery and retrieval capabilities of every piece of information, is much greater when it comes to a financial institution. Altshuler Shaham can’t afford to lose or hinder information recovery and retrieval and Veeam helps it to preform high level standard and to maintain its reputation as one of Israel’s leading investment house.
Altshuler Shaham
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