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Veeam Reseller becomes Veeam Cloud Provider to Capitalise on Customer Demand for Cloud Backup and DR

Business Opportunity

CNS became a Veeam reseller in 2012 following an unsatisfactory partnership with another backup vendor. CNS felt the vendor’s backup tool was overcomplicated and didn’t evolve quickly enough to provide suitable functionality for its customers.

“To make matters worse, their technical support was not treating our cases with the necessary priority, thus leaving our customers vulnerable,” said Boris Wilkitzki, Managing Director of CNS. “We had to escalate most customer problems to a senior team leader, resulting in long waiting periods. Resolving issues with failed backups was a full time job for one dedicated engineer.

“Then we came across Veeam. We found Veeam solutions extremely simple to set up and operate, and we knew our customers would too. And more importantly our Level 1 support team could resolve 99% of the issues our customers might have with Veeam.”

Wilkitzki said selling Veeam solutions increases revenue.

“Veeam provides a stable and easy-to-use platform, frequent enhancements and a fair price,” he explained. “If we’re up against another reseller for backup business, Veeam helps us win the deal based on functionality and cost. In one situation, Veeam was one-tenth the price of a competing backup solution.”

As customers’ requirements grew for 24x7 access to their applications and data, demand for cloud backup and DR increased. CNS decided to capitalise on the demand and grow its cloud business.


As a reseller, CNS had a ready-set base of Veeam customers with on-premise virtual machines (VMs) who needed a place to store backups and recover them in a DR situation. However, CNS needed access to additional qualified customers.


CNS deployed Veeam Cloud Connect to gain a direct pipeline to the Veeam ecosystem and become a backup target for Veeam customers.

Cloud Connect virtualises traffic between CNS and Veeam customers. Data from the customer is transferred over a secure socket layer (SSL) connection, which simplifies firewall configuration and eliminates the need for a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Customer data can also be protected at rest with optional encryption at the source.

CNS parlayed its role as a successful Veeam reseller into a successful Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP). As a reseller, CNS recommends Veeam solutions to new customers needing high availability to virtualised data and applications and to current customers undergoing a refresh of their data protection software. As a VCP with Veeam Cloud Connect, CNS can meet customers’ needs for offsite backup and also offer DR services. A customer adds CNS as a service provider and the customer’s cloud repository in CNS appears in his backup console.

From a customer’s perspective, Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, secure and efficient way to move backups to CNS. Customers avoid the upfront costs associated with building their own offsite infrastructures and the ongoing operational costs. They also achieve peace of mind knowing their backups are safely offsite and readily available for recovery. Moreover, they minimise data loss in a catastrophic disaster. For example, CNS can restore a customer’s backups to a hosted private cloud where CNS or the customer can recover files or the entire operation.

CNS knows from experience with its managed services customers that Veeam-powered recovery is extremely valuable. CNS offers these customers backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).

“One of our Veeam BaaS customers opened a personal email and clicked on what he thought was a valid invoice from one of their suppliers in a hijacked email address,” Wilkitzki said. “It wasn’t an invoice link; it was a link to the CryptoLocker virus, which encrypted all of his network drives. We used Veeam to recover 2,000 files in two hours from a recent backup. It was a save-the-day moment.”

In addition to providing value to CNS’ managed services customers, Veeam helps CNS drive down operating costs related to BaaS and DRaaS. For example, Veeam offers forever-incremental backup, built-in deduplication and compression, which together reduce backup storage requirements. Veeam solutions are storage-agnostic, so they work with whatever storage a CNS customer might have. And, Veeam is agentless, which saves on staffing because there are no agents to install and manage.

Veeam delivers additional value. It helps CNS differentiate itself from competitors with recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTPOs) measured in minutes rather than hours, and it verifies the recoverability of backups to help customers document their regulatory compliance. CNS even uses Veeam replication to migrate massive numbers of VMs quickly and easily when customers relocate or acquire companies.

“Veeam is a great way for us to grow our customer base and revenue—as a reseller and a cloud services provider,” Wilkitzki said.


Ease-of-use sells well in all markets

As a reseller, CNS finds it easy to sell Veeam solutions because they are simple for customers to deploy and use. As a cloud services provider, CNS delivers tremendous value to its customers by providing easy, cost-efficient offsite backup and recovery.

Recovery features streamline data protection and DR

As a reseller, CNS says that one of Veeam’s strongest selling points is recovery functionality. Whole VMs, files and individual items can be recovered in minutes, not hours. As a cloud services provider, CNS says Veeam-powered recovery meets the growing need of customers with on-site VMs. “These customers are focused on two things: offsite repositories and disaster recovery,” Wilkitzki said. Veeam does both of these extremely well.”

Pricing aligns with per-VM billing model

As a reseller, CNS differentiates its data protection solutions from competitors with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). “When we compete against other resellers, we go in at a substantially lower price because our labor and support costs are much lower with Veeam,” Wilkitzki said. “As a cloud services provider, Veeam’s billing model lets us align our spend with revenue. Depending on the customer, we rent licenses from Veeam based on the number of VMs backed up each month or purchase licenses for long-term contracts.”

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Computer & Network Solutions Ltd (CNS) takes the hassle out of managing IT systems so customers can focus on taking their businesses to the next level. With offices in New Zealand and Australia, CNS provides modern, model-driven and process-led IT solutions and managed services. CNS is a Veeam Reseller, a Veeam Cloud Provider and a Microsoft Gold Midmarket Solution Provider.


Find qualified customers who need to store backups offsite and recover them in the event of a disaster.


  • Ease-of-use sells well in all markets
  • Recovery features streamline data protection and DR
  • Pricing aligns with per-VM billing model
Computer & Network Solutions Ltd
Please rate how helpful this article was to you:
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