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Veeam Eliminates Backup and Recovery Pain for Large Reseller and its Clients

Business Opportunity

One of the problems Softchoice’s clients shared was a missing link in their backup strategies. They couldn’t back up their critical VMs as often as they would have liked because backups were too time-consuming. They couldn’t guarantee availability of their virtualized applications and data because they didn’t know if their backups were recoverable. They struggled to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs) and worried about adding more VMs to their environments because their backup tools could barely handle the VMs they had.

Finding a single backup and recovery solution that was purpose-built for virtualization would enable Softchoice to resolve its clients’ pain points and close the loop on virtualization.


Softchoice’s clients needed modern data protection for their virtualized environments.

“They needed fast, reliable and recoverable backups—it was that simple,” said Doug Sekus, Director of Business Development for Softchoice. “They needed the ability to verify the recoverability of their backups and restore data quickly and easily. They wanted to meet and exceed their RTOs and RPOs and grow their virtual environments knowing their backup solution was scalable and wouldn’t fail them.”

Softchoice knew how its clients felt because it had experienced problems with its own legacy backup tool. While the tool worked well with physical servers, it lacked the scalability to quickly back up and recover the increasing number of VMs in Softchoice’s virtual environment. The legacy tool also required a substantial investment in new backup storage because it didn’t deduplicate and compress data in backups. Softchoice needed modern data protection for its virtual environment as well.


Softchoice chose Veeam® Backup & Replication™ for two purposes: To backup and recover its own 500+ VMs quickly and cost-effectively and to eliminate clients’ backup and recovery pain points.

Brijesh Parikh, Senior Systems Administrator for Softchoice, had used Veeam Backup & Replication at another company. He felt Veeam’s compression, deduplication and incremental backup could dramatically decrease backup storage consumption, enabling Softchoice to use its existing storage. He also knew that Veeam could effortlessly scale as the number of VMs grew, unlike the legacy backup tool.

“I’ve worked with multiple backup tools, and Veeam is the most efficient, easy to manage and cost-saving backup solution available,” Parikh explained. “Before choosing Veeam, we tested its capabilities in a lab and had a chance to call Veeam’s support team. We found the support technicians to be very effective in the way they communicated and assisted us during the entire support process.”

Lester Moniz, Manager of Infrastructure for Softchoice, also participated in the Veeam trial.

“Our legacy backup tool had run out of capacity,” he explained. “We found Veeam easy to implement and use, making it a compelling option. In addition, we found Veeam to be scalable; therefore, it could accommodate our growing virtual environment. Veeam also offers deduplication, compression and incremental backup. Those built-in features dramatically reduce the consumption of our backup storage. The offer we received from Veeam, coupled with being able to use the storage we already had, made sense from a cost perspective.”

Softchoice uses Veeam Backup & Replication in a similar fashion to its clients.

“Just like our clients, we have requirements to ensure our own systems are up and available, so we use Veeam to protect our virtualized applications and data,” Sekus said. “For example, Veeam helps us ensure our databases and applications that support customers are always accessible, enabling us to answer clients’ calls every hour of every day. Client calls never go to voicemail, and that’s something we’re proud of.”

Veeam Backup & Replication is also beneficial to Softchoice’s clients.

“In addition to solving their backup and recovery problems, Veeam gives our clients more power over their backups,” Sekus continued. “Their favorite functionality is automatic recovery verification; no more manual checks to see if backups are viable. They also like being able to recover VMs directly from a backup in minutes rather than hours, and they appreciate how easy Veeam is to use, especially when it comes to restoring individual items like emails. Most of our clients describe Veeam in one word: simplicity.”

“Veeam focuses on virtualization, and its purpose-built solution creatively resolves backup and recovery issues,” he said. “Veeam’s technology is disruptive.”

Softchoice has enormous success selling Veeam Backup & Replication, as well as Veeam’s other solutions, such as Veeam Backup Management Suite. It provides backup, replication, monitoring and reporting for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. By August 2013, Veeam sales had grown by more than 400% at Softchoice compared to the same period in 2012.

“Veeam has definitely accelerated growth in our revenue stream,” Sekus said. “In fact, what we’re seeing quarter after quarter with Veeam is hyper growth. Before we partner with vendors we make sure they offer top-quality products that will make a substantial difference in our clients’ business. We look for vendors who are growing steadily and impacting the industry. We also look for vendors who understand the necessities of a business partnership. Veeam is a great example. In addition to having intuitive solutions, Veeam is extremely channel-friendly. The way Veeam goes to market and supports partners is fantastic. Softchoice’s Veeam team has a deep understanding of our business, and that’s extremely powerful. Veeam’s ease of doing business is a huge benefit for us.”

Softchoice likes something else about Veeam Backup & Replication: Utilizing the product to reach out to clients it might not have targeted before. Not only does Softchoice recommend Veeam to clients who have pain points related to backup and recovery, it also recommends the solution to current and prospective clients who don’t realize the vulnerabilities in their backup and disaster recovery strategies until Softchoice brings up the subject of recoverability.

“Clients need to hear the Veeam story, even if they don’t come to us with backup issues,” Sekus said. “We introduce Veeam, they understand the value, and it’s a winwin for everybody.”


Optimizes data protection for Softchoice and its clients
Softchoice practices what it preaches: The firm uses Veeam Backup & Replication in its own virtual environment, and it recommends Veeam to clients struggling to meet RTOs and RPOs with their legacy backup tools. Veeam provides modern data protection.

Appeals to clients not previously targeted
Even if new or prospective clients don’t have backup and recovery problems, Softchoice tells them the Veeam story and they’re sold. Veeam’s SureBackup® automatically verifies backup recoverability; Instant VM Recovery® restores a VM from a backup in minutes; Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange quickly discovers and restores emails, contacts and calendars; and Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint provides granular item recovery without requiring recovery of the entire database.

Contributes to clients’ success and Softchoice’s revenue growth
Veeam sales increase significantly at Softchoice because one of its clients’ prevailing issues is backup trouble. “Legacy backup tools can’t provide the recoverability our clients need. When we solve their problems with Veeam Backup & Replication, we build stronger relationships with them and empower them to get the most from virtualization,” Sekus concluded to speed,” Jessen said.

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As a leading North American provider of technology solutions and services, Softchoice combines the efficiency and reliability of a national IT supplier with the personal touch and technical expertise of a local solutions provider. With more than 1,200 employees, Softchoice manages the technology needs of thousands of corporate and public sector organizations across the United States and Canada. Softchoice is a Veeam Platinum ProPartner.


Softchoice’s value proposition is to help clients unleash the potential of their businesses through IT, but that was difficult when clients didn’t have confidence in their backup and recovery tools. Clients didn’t know if their backups were viable and recoverable, and they couldn’t restore the exact data they needed quickly.


  • Optimizes data protection for Softchoice and its clients
  • Appeals to clients not previously targeted
  • Contributes to clients’ success and Softchoice’s revenue growth
  • Sales and marketing support surpass expectations
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