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Veeam is Gem of a Backup and Recovery Solution For Leo Schachter Diamonds


Leo Schachter Diamonds is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polished diamonds. Founded in New York in 1952, headquartered in Israel and committed to the worldwide effort to stop the flow of conflict diamonds, the company has factories and offices in 11 countries.


The legacy backup tool, which had been retrofitted to support the virtual environment, presented three challenges: Storing backups offsite on tape was complex and labor-intensive; backup was slow and exceeded the backup window; and recovery took hours.


  • Veeam and Amazon S3 Cloud solve challenge of moving tapes offsite
  • Efficient, agentless backup reduces backup window from 48 hours to 90 minutes
  • Fast recovery for every scenario (and in multi-hypervisor environments)

About Derive Technologies:

Derive Technologies was founded in 1986 as a systems integrator and service provider with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to business enterprises in the New York metropolitan area.
Derive evolved into a recognized national and international IT business consultancy. Its success is attributed to constantly adapting to the changing business, fiscal and technology requirements of its customers. Derive implements, optimizes and integrates solutions across the technology spectrum, including datacenter design and optimization, virtualization and cloud computing, networking and security for the following: healthcare, financial services, real estate and public sectors.

The Business Challenge

Leo Schachter, a leading diamond and jewelry manufacturing company, has two datacenters (one in New York City and another in Tel Aviv) that support every aspect of its diamond business, including the critical responsibility of backing up virtualized applications and data, which includes millions of diamond certificates. When slow backup and recovery became a strain in the datacenters, the IT team looked for a new data protection and disaster recovery (DR) solution for its virtual machines (VMs).

“We were using a backup tool for physical servers that had been retrofitted to support the virtual environment, which it did terribly,” said Dani Waxman, IT Project Manager at Leo Schachter Diamonds. “Backup was slow, it didn’t complete within our backup window, and we couldn’t back up at the VM level because the tool required agents. At the same time, data volume was growing, especially in Microsoft Exchange, which is a mission-critical application for us. Recovering emails took could take several hours because we often had to retrieve backup tapes from offsite.”

Leo Schachter’s IT team wanted an agentless backup solution built specifically for virtualization that supported a multi-hypervisor environment. The datacenter in New York City uses VMware vSphere, and the datacenter in Tel Aviv uses both Microsoft Hyper-V as well as VMware vSphere. Team members also wanted to switch from tape-based backup to disk-based backup, for faster recovery, and they wanted to store backup copies in a public cloud. They turned to Derive Technologies, their lT business consultant since 2003. Derive is extremely adept at adapting to Leo Schachter’s technology requirements.

The Veeam Solution

Team members looked at several backup solutions, but when Joe Fuller, Senior Account Executive at Derive Technologies, told them Veeam Backup & Replication™ is the best backup and recovery solution for virtual environments, their decision was easy.

Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Edition provides powerful, easy-to-use, agentless and affordable backup and recovery of multi-hypervisor environments. It also provides the ability to automatically store backup copies with one of more than15 public storage clouds, without the cost, complexity and logistical planning associated with tapes. Leo Schachter stores its backup copies in the Amazon S3 Cloud.

“My colleagues and I recommend Veeam to our customers because it offers features that make the most of the money and time they’ve put into virtualization,” Fuller said. “Veeam also provides enterprise functionality that benefits companies of all sizes.”

Waxman said he and his colleagues at Leo Schachter like Veeam for additional reasons, including the way Veeam integrates with their ExaGrid appliance, which serves as their backup repository. For example, they can recover VMs and files in minutes from ExaGrid’s landing zone, which holds the most recently backed up data. Deduplication is another key advantage team members didn’t have before Veeam and ExaGrid. The combination of dedupe in both solutions reduces the size of their backups by at least 10 times.

“We also appreciate the way the support teams at Veeam and ExaGrid know each other’s solutions so well,” Waxman said. “That’s a huge plus for us because it makes resolving issues fast and easy.

“Veeam’s great online technical materials are helpful too,” continued Waxman. “During our discovery phase, we found helpful how-to information in Veeam’s webinars, videos and the Whiteboard Fridays broadcast. We felt like we really understood the solution before even trying it. By far, Veeam was the most-cost effective solution we considered in terms of value for dollar. It has features that make the most of our virtual environment.”

Team members take advantage of features such as Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots for fast granular recovery from HP StoreVirtual, which serves as their production storage. Co-developed with HP, Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots lets them restore single files or an entire VMware VM from snapshots in about two minutes. They also use Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange to quickly recover individual emails, contacts, etc.

Waxman said his favorite Veeam feature is Virtual Lab, which is an isolated, protected environment that he uses to automatically verify the recoverability of backups, recover application items and test software updates—all without affecting production.

“Virtual Lab is unique,” he explained. “With tape, we never knew if there were errors on the tape or what data could be restored. That was a very uncomfortable feeling. By validating the recoverability of backups, we know restores are possible. Veeam brings a level of calmness to our team.”

The Results

Veeam and Amazon S3 Cloud solve challenge of moving tapes offsite
Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Edition offers Leo Schachter an alternative to storing backups offsite. Veeam automatically copies local backups to the cloud on a scheduled basis, and since Veeam is cloud-agnostic, it backs up to any one of more than 15 public clouds.

Efficient, agentless backup reduces backup window from 48 hours to 90 minutes
Backing up virtualized applications and data, including millions of diamond certificates, used to take 48 hours with the legacy backup tool. Now it takes 90 minutes with Veeam. Because backup is faster with Veeam, the IT team has doubled the number of backups per day.

Fast recovery for every scenario (and in multi-hypervisor environments)
Before Veeam, Leo Schachter’s IT team had to rebuild VMs from scratch and copy over data from a backup tape before restoring files or individual items, which was tedious and time-consuming. With Veeam, the team can restore VMs and files in minutes from ExaGrid’s landing zone and from HP StoreVirtual snapshots. They can also restore individual items in Microsoft Exchange.

Leo Schachter Diamonds
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