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Gotham Technology Group, LLC recommends, deploys and supports strategic technology solutions for its clients. With offices in the northeastern United States, Gotham serves a wide range of industries including insurance, financial, federal government, pharmaceutical and healthcare.


Gotham wanted to partner with a software vendor that focused entirely on virtualization and provided strong sales and marketing support.


  • New business practice features Veeam solutions
  • Windows Server 2012 increases need for Hyper-V data protection
  • Sales and marketing support surpass expectations

Business Opportunity

Gotham built its business and reputation on long-term client relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Most of Gotham’s clients have mature IT infrastructures and were early adopters of virtualization.

As clients moved toward fully virtualized infrastructures, many opted for multihypervisor environments; however, they needed to be absolutely sure they could backup and recover the data on all virtual machines (VMs).

“In the early days of virtualization, we had encouraged our clients to implement the backup tools that worked best for them, so we hadn’t worked with many backup vendors,” said Joe Jessen, Chief Solutions Officer for Gotham. “But it became clear we needed to step in and recommend a better backup and recovery solution. This resulted in a new business opportunity—improve business continuity and disaster recovery for our clients.”


Gotham’s clients needed powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and recovery for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. They also needed deeper visibility into their virtual environments so they could improve availability and allocate resources more efficiently.

“Our challenge was to find a software vendor that focused solely on virtualization,” Jessen said. “We needed to know the vendor would stay ahead of the virtualization curve so we could help our clients protect and manage their data. We also looked for strong sales and marketing support. What we found with Veeam Software went above and beyond what we expected.”


Gotham partnered with Veeam® Software and began recommending Veeam solutions to improve business continuity and disaster recovery for its clients. Veeam Backup & Replication™ provides backup and recovery of multi-hypervisor environments, and Veeam ONE™ provides real-time monitoring and alerting, capacity planning, documentation and management reporting. Gotham sells the solutions separately or together in an offering called Veeam Backup Management Suite™.

“We’ve built a successful practice based on Veeam solutions for comprehensive data protection, recovery and management,” Jessen said. “When we go up against other consultants, Veeam Backup Management Suite is a great differentiator in the marketplace because it has monitoring and reporting capabilities. Not only does it help clients protect their VMs, it also helps them manage their virtual environments more efficiently.”

After Hurricane Sandy, many of Gotham’s clients had a heightened awareness of the need for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. They took a hard look at their virtual infrastructures and agreed that Veeam solutions were a good match for them.

“Veeam gives our clients greater availability and recoverability in their virtual environments than they ever anticipated,” Jessen said.

Gotham works closely with all clients to increase efficiencies. For many of them, leveraging their investment in Microsoft and upgrading to Windows Server 2012 is key.

“We anticipate Veeam Backup & Replication to be a big part of the Windows Server 2012 transition—it’s our go-to for Hyper-V data protection,” Jessen said. “Some clients have been using Hyper-V all along, while others will start using Hyper-V after the upgrade. Having Veeam on board gives them greater comfort in running a multi-hypervisor environment, and it gives us a chance to increase our revenue as Hyper-V adoption grows.”

Veeam’s solutions have proven to be beneficial to Gotham’s clients, and Veeam’s sales and marketing support team has proven to be beneficial to Gotham’s business development efforts.

“Veeam Software is very invested in its partners,” Jessen explained. “For example, Veeam is easy to work with from a marketing and sales perspective, which is becoming rare these days. We have a dedicated team that is focused on getting the results we both want, throughout each quarter and throughout the year. Our Veeam team makes sure we are trained and aware of sales programs that will help us in the marketplace.”

Gotham’s sales and technical teams participate in Veeam University, which offers free, online professional accreditation programs with two paths and titles: Veeam Sales Professional and Veeam Technical Sales Professional. The university has dozens of training modules with topics ranging from solution design, deployment techniques and troubleshooting to Veeam messaging, positioning and frequently asked questions during the sales process.


New business practice features Veeam solutions
One of the solutions—Veeam Backup Management Suite—has proven to be the great differentiator in the marketplace for Gotham because in addition to data protection and recovery, it provides comprehensive monitoring, performance analysis, alerting and reporting capabilities to help clients manage and optimize their virtual environments.

Windows Server 2012 increases need for Hyper-V data protection
Veeam Backup & Replication is Gotham’s go-to solution for Hyper-V data protection. “Our clients really like using a single backup and recovery solution for both Hyper-V and VMware,” Jessen said. “It alleviates any fears they have in moving to a multihypervisor environment.”

Sales and marketing support surpass expectations
Gotham is proud of its associates’ deep level of expertise. “Having a central location like Veeam’s ProPartner Portal that provides access to certification, webinars and other types of sales and technical content enables us to know that everyone is up to speed,” Jessen said.

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