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Veeam Solution Automates VMware Monitoring and Problem Resolution Using Microsoft System Center

The Business Challenge

Convergent Computing (CCO) has worked directly with Microsoft for more than 20 years. One of its core competencies is systems integration with Microsoft System Center.

Like many of its peers in the industry, CCO works with clients who use Microsoft System Center to manage part or all of their IT environments and VMware for their virtual infrastructures. However, many of these clients don’t realize that Veeam Software provides the functionality to extend VMware management directly into Microsoft System Center.

“My last three customers had the same issue in common,” explained Chuck Eames, Senior Technical Consultant for CCO. “Each had VMware implementations and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager in place, yet none knew it could integrate System Center into its VMware environment. They also didn’t realize that Veeam Software provides automated problem resolution for their VMware infrastructures.”

The Veeam Solution

The Veeam Management Pack (MP) for VMware and the Veeam nworks PRO Pack for VMware complement Microsoft technologies to enable intelligent, proactive, and automated monitoring and management of VMware vSphere from within the Microsoft System Center framework.

While the Veeam solution is ideal for CCO’s clients who have heterogeneous virtual infrastructures, including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, it is also ideal for clients who are set on VMware and don’t want to switch to Hyper-V. “Veeam opens up a realm of possibilities for us to solve our clients’ management issues, while at the same time helping us identify additional consulting opportunities,” explained Rich Dorfman, Partner and Vice President of Sales and Services for CCO.

Not only has Veeam closed the loop on VMware monitoring, it leverages and protects the investments that companies have already made in Microsoft System Center. “Veeam provides an incredibly easy way for clients to manage their VMware implementations via System Center Operations Manager,” Chuck added. “It’s almost a self-selling situation. It’s just so simple.”

How it Works

The Veeam nworks MP provides operational monitoring of VMware infrastructures in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and users can extend that capability with the nworks PRO Pack. It uses the detailed monitoring capabilities of the nworks MP to drive Virtual Machine Manager PRO Tips for the VMware environment. PRO Tip responses can be taken automatically by Virtual Machine Manager, or logged as a recommendation in Virtual Machine Manager for IT operations staff to act upon, thus increasing productivity and speeding problem resolution.

The Results

Both Chuck and Rich cited the same top benefit for companies using the Veeam nworks MP and Veeam nworks PRO Pack: PRO Tips for automated functionality. Here’s an example: The nworks MP detects high resource usage for an ESX host. This monitoring data is fed from Operations Manager to Virtual Machine Manager via the nworks PRO Pack, generating a PRO Tip. Virtual Machine Manager actions the PRO Tip response, (which uses nworks detailed metric data to pinpoint the particular virtual machine with memory demands) and migrates that virtual machine to another less-utilized ESX host. With the resource demand automatically redistributed and balanced, the resourcing bottleneck issue is quickly and automatically resolved.

Another benefit Chuck and Rich cited occurs when Veeam Business View is used in conjunction with the MP and PRO Pack. “Business View can become a very critical selling tool to business management executives,” Rich said. “That’s because they don’t appreciate the IT reporting information as much as reporting information that’s broken out by business unit. These are often the folks who hold the purse strings, so Business View can be very advantageous. Many companies work on a cost-justification basis, and IT staff can utilize all kinds of solid reporting metrics from Business View in conjunction with the Management Pack.”

Convergent Computing
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Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Convergent Computing (CCO) is a technology consulting firm that helps organizations plan, implement, and support their networking environments. CCO has an extensive history with Microsoft and was the first in the world to attain the highest level of Microsoft certification—Certified Gold Partner for Enterprise Systems.


Help clients extend VMware management into Microsoft System Center


  • Ensures consistent monitoring and management of the VMware infrastructure, using the Microsoft System Center framework
  • Increases productivity of VMware administrators by off-loading routine monitoring and recovery actions
  • Reduces downtime and increases availability in VMware environments with automated recovery capabilities of System Center Virtual Machine Manager PRO Tips

About Convergent Computing:

Convergent Computing (CCO) helps companies architect, implement, and support IT solutions in mixed platform environments. As an early adopter of new technologies, CCO develops and tests innovative solutions and best practices two to three years before new products are released commercially. CCO has several key partnerships, including Novell, Cisco, HP, Oracle, Lotus, Trend Micro, and Microsoft. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner in five disciplines: Advanced Infrastructure (Windows/Active Directory); Information Worker (Exchange/Office/ SharePoint); Mobility (Windows Mobile); Integrated E-Business (SQL/Business Intelligence); and Security Solutions (Forefront/Identity Management).
Convergent Computing
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