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Veeam Cloud Data Management Solution enables TXT e-solutions to Accelerate Innovation

Veeam has proven to be the easiest and quickest solution to adopt compared to any other competitor in the market, seamlessly integrating with our existing IT architecture.
Guido Angelo Ingenito
Group IT Manager
TXT e-solutions

Business challenge

As a specialized solutions provider TXT e-solutions is focused on maintaining and steadily evolving a comprehensive software and services portfolio. With two on-premises data centers and a cloud infrastructure, the company has, among other things, few hundreds virtual machines dedicated to developing and testing customer applications.

In 2017, TXT e-solutions sold its retail division to a U.S. company and split up its information systems as a result. In the same period, TXT e-solutions acquired two companies following a strategy of transformation and greater competitiveness. “These moves have allowed us to strengthen the company in key markets but has left us a legacy of an extremely heterogeneous IT environment,” says Guido Angelo Ingenito, Group IT manager of TXT e-solutions. Ingenito also says, “The environment also had to be secured and brought into full compliance with the new GDPR regulations before it was enforced in May 2018.”

TXT e-solutions started with a series of investments in technologies that would lead to a simplification of architectures and compliance. “We looked for simple and reliable tools, the right balance between economic sustainability and effectiveness. Starting from a complex and heterogeneous environment, in a record time we moved to a fully virtualized and cloud-based architecture, a reliable infrastructure that allowed us, among other things, to obtain ISO 9100 certification,” Ingenito adds.

Ingenito and his team created an overall restructuring plan for corporate IT, which included compliance, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and an ISO quality management system. “We are a listed company,” says Ingenito. “So our goal is to grow while maintaining a good level of profitability. That’s why we designed an IT system to serve the business, which would not overload operations but help their development.” Data also underpins the organization’s passion for innovation.

Veeam Cloud Data Management

During the delicate phase of restructuring the entire IT architecture, TXT e-solutions chose to deploy Veeam to backup their VMware environment. “We had to be effective and act quickly,” says Ingenito. “I had already used Veeam previously in my career and it guaranteed us speed, ease of implementation and at a very affordable cost.”

After a test to check the adaptability of the solutions to the newly revolutionized architecture, TXT e-solutions’ IT team implemented Veeam’s solution in only 10 days. “The solution was implemented directly by our in-house team, with Veeam’s staff contribution for fine tuning,” explains Ingenito.

TXT e-solutions secured the data contained not only in their two on-premises data centers in Milan, Italy and Berlin, Germany, but also in their cloud environment. “With the old architecture and the proprietary backup solution, we could back up only about 50% of our systems,” says Ingenito. “With Veeam we get to 100%, equating to 70 TB of data across the two data centers. Veeam Backup & Replication is perfectly integrated in our hybrid on-premises/cloud environment that we created — which will allow us to grow a multi-cloud infrastructure integrated with Microsoft Azure, AWS and other applications.”

Thanks to Veeam, TXT e-solutions has also managed to fully automate the backup processes, reducing the time impact on the IT staff needed to manage these activities. IT staff is now only needed in case of system alerts. “With the old proprietary solution, we had to check the backup daily. Now we can focus our attention on other more strategic activities for the company,” notes Ingenito. GDPR compliance was also easily achieved, thanks to a new feature within Veeam’s DataLabs called Staged Restore, which allows TXT e-solutions to perform Staged Restore tests for compliance and SureBackup® to verify the recoverability of backups and replications.

Soon, TXT e-solutions will also adopt Veeam technologies for SharePoint and OneDrive tools in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange environments. “We aim to have this project completed soon, guaranteeing data integrity and safety and by implementing effective backups with a few clicks,” concludes Ingenito. TXT e-solutions will therefore have a stable environment, allowing data to drive operational excellence across the company and remain a world-class innovation partner across many major industry sectors.

The results

  • Enables an easy and secure way to securely move and manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
    Veeam’s cloud data management capabilities give TXT e-solutions confidence in the availability and protection of data, which supports data-driven projects such as airplane efficiency, plus airport and passenger experience.
  • Staged Restore supports GDPR compliance by ensuring that data is recoverable.
    Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam DataLabs SureBackup enables the recovery of any information lost or deleted by mistake and Veeam DataLabs Staged Restore ensures that TXT e-solutions remains compliant with data protection regulations, whilst maintaining ISO 9000 standards.
  • Saved tens of thousands of Euros in IT costs, due to faster restore recovery times and backup procedures.
    TXT e-solutions can now restore data from their SAP environment in less than four hours. With the previous proprietary solution, the IT team had to check the backup procedures at least once a day, but with Veeam everything is automated, saving thousands of Euros in IT maintenance and allowing IT staff to focus on the projects that matter.


TXT e-solutions is a multi-national software provider specializing in advanced solutions for the aerospace & aviation, automotive & transport and banking & finance industries. Its customers include market leaders such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Leonardo, Lufthansa, Pirelli, Safran and Vodafone Automotive.

Founded in 1989, TXT has been listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since July 2000 and employs more than 550 staff at its Milan headquarter and its subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK and the US.


To help achieve the company’s ambitions in supporting leadingedge innovative projects in highly research-intensive industries, TXT e-solutions needed to implement a simple and sustainable cloud data management solution, able to support virtual and multi-cloud environments, whilst meeting EU regulatory compliance standards.


  • Enables an easy and secure way to securely move and manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Veeam DataLabs™ Staged Restore supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance by ensuring that data is recoverable
  • Saving tens of thousands of Euros in IT costs, due to faster restore recovery times and backup procedures