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The Vitec Group plc


Vitec provides premium products and services to the broadcast and photographic markets in more than 100 countries. Vitec’s customers are professional camera operators, broadcasters, independent content creators and hobbyists. Founded in 1910 and based in London, Vitec has 22 offices and employs 1,800 people in 10 countries.


Vitec is a rapidly growing company, in part, because of merger and acquisition. Whenever Vitec brings a new company into the fold, the company’s IT infrastructure comes with it. The result is a large, remote IT infrastructure. When managing the growing IT infrastructure became a challenge, Vitec decided to replace legacy backup. Two separate backup-totape tools were in use, but neither provided fast enough backup, replication and recovery to meet Vitec’s disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.


  • Ensures critical systems run 24.7 at company location
  • Adds DRaaS to Availability strategy without added complexity and cost
  • Executes, tests and documents disaster recovery plans

The Business Challenge

The Vitec Group plc enables the capture and sharing of exceptional images. Vitec provides customers in the broadcast and photographic markets with the products and services they need to seize the opportunity and capture the moment.

The broadcast and photographic markets have undergone major changes with the arrival of drones, smartphones, YouTube, Netflix and Instagram. According to Brandwatch, people watch 500 million hours of YouTube videos each day and share 80 million photos on Instagram. To capitalise on these growing markets, Vitec expanded into new technologies and engaged in a disciplined approach to merger and acquisition. Vitec grew rapidly, and so did its IT infrastructure.

“Managing a large, remote IT infrastructure and recovering each location quickly in times of crisis became major challenges,” said Ben Skinner, Head of Corporate Network and Infrastructure at Vitec. “We worried the company’s two core applications—an integrated financial system and a corporate performance management system—couldn’t be recovered fast enough to avoid an adverse impact on business performance and revenue.”

Vitec’s IT infrastructure spans several time zones, so 24.7 Availability of core applications is tremendously important. When U.S. offices close for Thanksgiving, U.K. offices pick up the pace, and vice versa when U.K. offices close for Boxing Day.

“Our goal was centralised management of backup, replication and recovery so we could standardise disaster recovery and business continuity in every location,” Skinner said. “We were gearing up for cloud-based workloads, so we also needed a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up, replicate and restore from the cloud.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Availability Suite™ centralises backup, replication and recovery for Vitec. Veeam helps keep core business applications running 24.7.365 in every location and enables the company to standardise disaster recovery and business continuity across the enterprise. As Vitec’s IT infrastructure continues to grow through merger and acquisition, Veeam provides what legacy backup could not: enterprise scalability and support for digital transformation.

No matter how large Vitec’s IT infrastructure grows, Veeam’s enterprise scalability ensures every location is “always on.” No matter what digital challenges newly acquired companies bring, Veeam supports their transition to virtualisation with fast, reliable backup, replication and recovery.

“The best word to describe Veeam is flexibility,” Skinner said. “By unifying and centralising backup, replication and recovery, Veeam lets us determine our own destiny. Veeam gives us the choice of how often we back up and replicate—and to where—based on what best suits the business’ needs in terms of availability and cost.”

One of the choices Veeam offers is backup, replication and recovery from storage snapshots. Veeam integrates fully with two of Vitec’s storage systems: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR StoreServ and Dell EMC VNX; therefore, Vitec makes backup and replicas from storage snapshots as often as the company chooses because there is little to no impact on production. Vitec restores from storage snapshots because recovery is nearly instantaneous.

Veeam Cloud Connect gives Vitec a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up, replicate and restore from the cloud rather than paying for and maintaining a separate offsite infrastructure. Vitec is incorporating Microsoft Azure into its DR strategy, and Veeam lets Vitec quickly restore (or migrate) workloads to Azure without complex configurations or additional investments.

“Veeam Cloud Connect lets us add Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to our Availability strategy without a layer of management complexity and cost,” Skinner said. “We can replicate onsite, offsite to regional data centres and/or to Azure — it’s our choice. Veeam’s competitors don’t allow that flexibility or convenience.”

Veeam Availability Orchestrator offers additional flexibility and convenience by helping Vitec execute, test and document disaster recovery plans. Veeam synchronises 24.7 Availability requirements across Vitec’s backup and replication targets.

“We love Veeam’s flexibility,” Skinner said. “We’re even making good use of our old tape libraries with Veeam’s native tape support. Veeam copies our backups to tape for offsite data archival.”

The Results

  • Ensures critical systems run 24.7 at every company location
    Before Veeam was deployed at Vitec, recovering critical systems with legacy backup could take up to 72 hours. Instant VM Recovery® with Veeam restores the same critical systems in minutes.
  • Adds DRaaS to Availability strategy without added complexity and cost
    Veeam Cloud Connect lets Vitec replicate virtual machines to Microsoft Azure rather than building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest.
  • Executes, tests and documents disaster recovery plans
    Veeam Availability Orchestrator provides orchestration of Veeam backups and replicas through a defined disaster recovery plan, non-disruptive testing, automated documenting, updating and reporting. This combination of capabilities helps companies ensure 24.7 Availability, maintain reliability, reduce costs of manual processes and satisfy compliance requirements.
The Vitec Group plc
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