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VMware Monitoring Solution Integrates with Microsoft System Center for Global View of IT Infrastructure


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Find an easy-to-deploy, timesaving, and cost-effective tool for monitoring both the physical and virtual IT environments


  • Saves thousands of administrative hours
  • Provides end-to-end visibility into virtual environment
  • Proactively monitors VMware

The Business Challenge

AmSurg’s main data center is located in Nashville, Tennessee, where 85 percent of the server environment is virtualized with VMware. Microsoft System Center Operations Manager monitors the state, health, and performance of the physical servers.

When Travis Backs, AmSurg’s Network Administrator for Information Technology, was tasked with finding an easy-to-deploy, timesaving, and cost-effective tool for monitoring the entire IT infrastructure (physical and virtual), he turned to Veeam Software. “I automatically went to Veeam because the company is known for its deep insight into virtual environments,” he explained. “I was immediately impressed with the Veeam Management Pack because it integrates so well with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and the price was right.”

The Veeam Solution

The Veeam Management Pack enables Travis and his colleagues to manage both physical and virtual environments using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, eliminating the need for a separate monitoring framework and saving thousands of administrative hours.

“In addition to making the most of our investment in Microsoft System Center, Veeam has saved us thousands of hours in manpower,” Travis said. “Before we implemented the Management Pack, we had all kinds of issues with I/O on the SAN. When we deployed the Management Pack, it alerted us to HBA problems, which I was able to fix very quickly. If we hadn’t been using Veeam, we would have called in an engineer to perform all kinds of diagnostics. In that instance alone, Veeam easily saved us two days of troubleshooting.”

Before deploying the Veeam Management Pack, AmSurg’s IT team had limited visibility of virtual machines. “We didn’t know if we had space, performance, or I/O issues,” Travis explained. “After deployment, which took less than 30 minutes, honestly— it was that easy, these issues became very evident, giving us a clear view of our environment.”

The Veeam Management Pack provides continuous monitoring of the largest, most demanding virtual environments. It features a centrally managed, distributed architecture for scalability and automatic failover and load balancing for high availability. And, since the nworks MP integrates natively with both VMware and Microsoft System Center, Travis and his team have access to all System Center functionality, including alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses, and automation—for all VMware components, including vCenter, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage, and hardware.

“The reporting aspect is a huge benefit as well,” Travis continued. “Before deploying Veeam, we didn’t have the ability to schedule reports, but now we are as proactive as possible when resolving issues. We know ahead of time if we’ll have a problem in one week, one month, or one year.”

The Results

Saves thousands of administrative hours - Before deploying the Veeam nworks Management Pack, Travis and the team experienced I/O issues on the SAN. If they hadn’t deployed the Management Pack, one of AmSurg’s engineers would have spent at least two days troubleshooting the issue. “Now we can prevent issues like that, rather than reacting to them and wasting time,” Travis said.

Provides end-to-end visibility into virtual environment - Now that IT team members use the Veeam Management Pack, they have a common view across physical and virtual environments, and they avoided the expense and time involved with buying, deploying, learning, and maintaining another monitoring framework.

Proactively monitors VMware - The Veeam Management Pack is an ideal solution for organizations like AmSurg that use Microsoft System Center. It integrates seamlessly because it’s a native Management Pack and provides scalable, fault-tolerant, and agentless VMware monitoring and management directly into System Center so Travis and the IT team can proactively address issues before they escalate into problems.

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