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Unitrends users tell us their Always-On Enterprise™ requires a faster and more reliable Availability alternative, as well as intuitive reporting and management. Organizations are switching, because unlike legacy tools, Veeam’s virtualization focused solution offers top-of-the-line features in a polished easy-to-use interface. With rapid restore, built-in tape support, storage snapshot support, advanced I/O controls, and infrastructure monitoring, amongst many others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a solution more compelling than Veeam!

Unitrends vs Veeam:

Five reasons to switch to Veeam Availability Suite

1. Availability beats legacy backup

Another member of the 1980's club, Unitrends has attempted to buy their way into a modern backup solution with its acquisition of PHD Virtual. Don't be fooled by flashy interfaces: Unitrends still requires agents on each VM to perform meaningful granular recoveries.

2. High-speed recovery

Unitrends Enterprise Backup requires agents for most meaningful restores. Veeam’s completely agentless approach to backup AND granular recovery ensures you can tackle virtually any recovery scenario without the additional overhead of agents or third-party software.

3. Data loss avoidance

How many products does it take to achieve a proper disaster recovery plan? At least 3 according to Unitrends. Switch to an Availability solution that offers completely agentless 2-in-1 backup and replication™ and advanced Availability features.

4. Verified recoverability

Unitrends offers backup but leaves the important task of testing for recoverability up to you-consuming valuable time. With Veeam’s SureBackup® and SureReplica technologies, you can automatically test and verify every protected VM for recoverability.

5. Leveraged data

With seperate products for backup, cloud backup and recovery assurance how certain are you that your Unitrends license enables you to use your data to the fullest? Don't wait for the functionality that Veeam pioneered years ago. Veeam's Virtual Lab gives administrators an On-Demand Sandbox™ to troubleshoot issues, test new applications and software patches, and train staff on a working copy of a production environment without impacting business operations, without requiring any additional infrastructure or separate licensing.

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Veeam vs Unitrends

Five technical differentiators

Veeam Unitrends
Agentless, all-in-one image-based backup, replication, monitoring and capacity planning
Automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every virtual machine (VM), every time.
Agentless recovery for AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Oracle
Agentless backup and recovery from storage snapshots
Built-in WAN Acceleration

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restore scenarios
of your backups tested

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