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PowerShell 5.0: Principles and Practice

Hosts: Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jason Leiva

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Duration: 1:11:02
Published: 27 August, 2015

Windows PowerShell has been around for several years, and even though v5.0 is just around the corner, there are still many IT Pros who are only now coming around and realizing they need to learn PowerShell. PowerShell isn’t a passing fad, and if you want any sort of future career related to Windows and Microsoft-based technologies, PowerShell is going to play an important role.

The goal of this session is to give you a crash course on PowerShell essential terms, concepts and commands. It’s perfect for users with little to no experience with PowerShell but are what Microsoft considers an IT Pro; that is, someone whose daily work involves managing Windows-based servers, applications and platforms. Naturally, you can’t learn PowerShell from one presentation, but you’ll leave with enough information to get started.

This whiteboard focuses on:

  • What is the PowerShell Paradigm?
  • Console commands or scripting?
  • PowerShell terminology
  • Harnessing the Power of the Pipeline
  • Managing the Enterprise from your desk
  • Next steps
  • Resources

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