Session tracks

Supercharge your learning

VeeamON 2020 is ready to educate and inspire you to accelerate your business’s journey to the cloud. We have seven different business and technical tracks with sessions ranging from basic implementation to deep dives on our most‑loved products to how Veeam supports your business continuity plan, ensuring that every member of our community leaves VeeamON 2020 prepared to elevate his or her data management strategy.

Vision and Strategy

Veeam helps 82% of the Fortune 500 and 67% of the Global 2,000 achieve their data and business objectives. Sessions in this track will focus on how and why Veeam addresses data‑protection challenges for enterprises of all sizes. Content is optimized for leaders and strategists looking at the big picture.

Better Together

Veeam partners with hardware, software and services companies of all sizes to deliver proven solutions to meet the needs of our shared customers. Hear from some of our partners about how 1+1=3 when Veeam is involved. Sessions will feature one or more complimentary technologies from Veeam partners or providers.


The cloud is an essential component of almost every IT and backup strategy, and Veeam has a variety of solutions that will help you on the journey to Cloud Data Management. These sessions will cover solutions that utilize cloud‑services in some way (i.e., storage, Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Software as a Service, etc.).

Architecture and Design

If you’re new to Veeam or are looking for ways to redesign your Veeam infrastructure, this track is for you! Learn how Veeam’s software can scale to any size environment, how to configure your Veeam infrastructure and more, ideal for those who design Veeam solutions, i.e., pre‑implementation.

Implementation Best Practices

Troubleshooting tips and tricks, best practices, worst practices and more will be covered in these lessons from the field based on real‑world solutions and provided by Veeam experts.

Operations and Support

For those who utilize Veeam on a daily basis, i.e., post‑implementation, these sessions will provide insight into other Veeam solutions and offer guidance on Veeam Support processes.

Deep Tech

This track provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in deep‑dive explorations of Veeam technology, including sessions on scripts, CLI and other expert‑level insights.