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There’s More VeeamON Ahead!

There’s More VeeamON Ahead!

There’s More VeeamON Ahead!

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VeeamON Update: November 3, 2022

VeeamON: May 22-25, 2023

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Spotlight Speakers

  • Anand Eswaran

    Anand Eswaran

    Chief Executive Officer,
    Veeam Software

  • Danny Allan

    Danny Allan

    Chief Technology Officer,
    Veeam Software

  • Rick Vanover

    Rick Vanover

    Senior Director, Product Strategy,
    Veeam Software

  • Kirsten Stoner

    Kirsten Stoner

    Veeam Software

  • Karinne Bessette

    Karinne Bessette

    Veeam Software

  • Aaron Murphy

    Aaron Murphy

    Field Technical Evangelist,
    Veeam Software

  • Chris Hoff

    Chris Hoff

    Data Protection & Ransomware Marketing Manager,
    Veeam Software

  • David Hill

    David Hill

    Technologist, Product Strategy,
    Veeam Software

  • Sam Nicholls

    Sam Nicholls

    Director, Product Marketing
    Veeam Software

  • Anthony Spiteri

    Anthony Spiteri

    Senior Technologist, Product Strategy,
    Veeam Software

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News & Articles

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