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Speaker: Mike Jones
Duration: 58:06

Organizations today need Availability anywhere data may live. Learn more with Rick Vanover on what modern approaches exist to do what you want with your data in the cloud. Whether you are starting your cloud journey, already underway or not sure how to meet your technical and business requirements in a cloud-ready world, there is something for everyone on this webinar. This session covers:

  • Why do organizations go to the cloud?
  • What are your options in the cloud?
  • How do you manage your data in and out of the cloud?
Speaker: Mike Burkhart, Byron Schaller
Duration: 55:28

Applications like SQL, Active Directory and Exchange are driving our business nowadays. So, keeping critical applications available is a crucial part of DR planning for companies. But how can we ensure that our backups are tested and our recovery plan will work?

Watch this educational demo-filled session with IT pros Mike Burkhart and Byron Schaller to get into the world of perfect backups and learn:

  • Why are you backing up your data
  • How are you sure a backup is good and recoverable
  • How to set up automated backup testing with Veeam® SureBackup®
  • And much, much more!
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 59:19

Any technology is at risk of being compromised by ransomware, making IT pros around the world seek ways to be more resilient against this threat. Many organizations feel that the cloud is a way to be more resilient against ransomware, and it can help. Join this webinar featuring Microsoft MVP Rick Vanover from Veeam® Software to show how you can use Windows Server 2016 and Veeam Availability SuiteTM to become more resilient against ransomware and leverage the cloud to get there.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How Windows Server 2016 can help you be more resilient against ransomware
  • How you can leverage the cloud as part of your ransomware resiliency strategy
  • Tips to be more resilient against ransomware in general
  • And more!
Speaker: Andrea Acosta
Duration: 26:55

Learn why digital transformation has now redefined business and the data center in this Veeam, Cisco and you: The race to zero customer downtime webinar. Find out about the opportunities today’s digital transformation presents, with a focus on the business, technical and operational benefits from the Cisco and Veeam partnership. Topics include:

  • Veeam Availability + Cisco UCS and HyperFlex
  • HyperFlex as the next growth horizon for ANY Cisco data center
  • How positioning and selling Veeam with HyperFlex enhances deal sizes, partner margins and professional services opportunities
  • How a robust data-protection argument completes the HyperFlex story and equips it to match and beat the competition
  • Why customers are adopting new data-protection technologies at a faster pace than ever!
  • And more!
Speaker: Salim Ruffin
Duration: 25:52

Watch this Veeam® webinar, New — Functionality for physical and cloud-based Federal government workloads to learn about our new product announcements and see a demo of the new and currently available Veeam Windows Agent for physical server.

Highlights include:

  • NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 highlights — Unmatched Availability for ALL workloads regardless of location.
  • NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows — Availability for public cloud and physical workloads. Includes Windows Agent demo.
  • Back up and recover your AWS instances — The industry’s first cloud native, agentless data protection and Availability solution for AWS applications and data.
  • And much, much more!
Recorded Webinar
September 06, 2017
Speaker: Joe Gremillion, John Nicholson
Duration: 53:28

Watch this Veeam® webinar for a deep dive into vSphere 6.5 storage technologies and learn how to protect them. In this session with John Nicholson, VMware VSAN Technical Marketing Manager and Joe Gremilion, Veeam Solution Architect, you will learn:

  • vSAN architecture, objects and components
  • vSphere APIs for I/O filters (VAIO)
  • Encryption (VIAO vs vSAN — What is the impact on BU&R)
  • And much, much more!
Recorded Webinar
August 24, 2017
Speaker: Paul Parkin
Duration: 32:56

MySQL and the MariaDB variant are among the most popular and used databases in Linux environments and many critical applications support their data on them. Getting a consistent database backup and performing effective recovery is vital to your business. Watch this recorded webinar to find out how Veeam® Backup & Replication™ allows you to get consistent backups of MySQL databases.
Recorded Webinar
August 22, 2017
Speaker: Marcus Harkness
Duration: 49:38

Cybersecurity has become a top concern for state and local government IT officials, but funding is not always available to adequately protect your data. As part of a complete strategy for data protection against ransomware, state and local government agencies can prepare for ransomware threats by adopting some common best practices for backing up and recovering sensitive information, in case of an attack.

In this informative webinar, Recovery Strategies for the Ransomware Era, we will discuss practical tips on how to mitigate the risks of ransomware attacks on backup storage. We will also discuss how the City of Sarasota sidestepped a cyber attack and avoided a $34 million ransom.

In this session, we cover:

  • Tips to prevent ransomware attacks on backup storage
  • The 3-2-1 rule of data protection
  • How to have visibility into suspicious behavior
Recorded Webinar
August 22, 2017
Speaker: Vince Vaughan
Duration: 46:26

Join Veeam®, Nimble and AvTek for a webinar about the leading technologies from Veeam and Nimble Storage!

Veeam and Nimble Storage combine to provide a data storage and protection solution designed to pair Nimble’s adaptive flash technology with Veeam’s versatile recovery results in maximum efficiency and Availability. Learn more about:

  • Lowering RTO with Nimble performance
  • Lowering RPO by combining Veeam and Nimble snapshots
  • Replicating your data with another array
  • And more!
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