Backup & Replication for Cloud environments

Speaker: Luke Miller, Wal Williams
Published : June, 2014
Backup & Replication for Cloud environments

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Are you looking to add Backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to your current service offering without the capital expenditure of building your own ‘cloud’ but don’t know how or what to use?

Watch recorded Veeam® and Avnet Services webinar.

Becoming part of the VCP program allows you to incorporate Veeam’s award winning software into your service offering, whilst utilising Avnet Services private cloud gives you cloud capabilities without the expense or stress of building your own cloud.

This webinar will demonstrate how the private cloud and Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service work together to give you an additional revenue stream and assist in customer retention.

Duration: 56:00

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