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Healthcare vs. Ransomware: Proven Strategies for PHI Security and Business Continuity

Speaker: Michael Stuparits
Published : October, 2016
Healthcare vs. Ransomware: Proven Strategies for PHI Security and Business Continuity

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Healthcare data is under attack like never before. Why? Because the value of a stolen health record is more than 10 times the value of a stolen credit card number! As a result, there is an industry-wide drive to protect patient data, avoid privacy violations and prevent denial-of-service attacks – including the seemingly endless stream of ransomware attacks that are rendering healthcare firms helpless.

We invite you to join Veeam® and Xtium, a Platinum-level Veeam Cloud & Service Provider, in a discussion about data security trends and best practices in healthcare data security. Beyond the prevention of security threats, we will discuss important changes in government and industry security requirements, including the growing adoption of the HITRUST Common Security Framework.

In this recorded webinar, Michael Stuparits will explain many of the challenges and opportunities facing SMB’s in the healthcare space today. We encourage you to attend and welcome any of your clients or prospects.

  • A discussion of this year’s ransomware and malware explosion
  • Healthcare industry statistics from Xtium’s 2016 Email Vulnerability Study
  • Explanation of increased PHI security and HITRUST certification requirements
  • Case studies on easy-to-implement cloud backup solutions that minimize the threat of cyberattacks
Duration: 46:00

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